Yeosu Cable Car

Down in Yeosu, there is a mari-time cable car which connects you to Dolsan Island and the mainland of Korea. There are two kinds of cable cars one with an open bottom called crystal cabins or standard cabins. Crystal cabins have a glass bottom, so you can observe the ocean below. 
The cable car opening times are:
Weekdays and Sunday: 9.00-22.00
Saturday: 9.00-23.00

For a standard cabin it costs 13,000W for a round trip or 10,000W for a single trip. 

There is quite a wait fora cable car, usually it's pretty busy as it's a major tourist attraction. Some people actually use it as a form of transport between the two places. As with most cable cars, the cars keep moving as they get onto the platform, so you have to get on and off it pretty quickly. 

I don't know which is the crystal one. I only saw the red and blue colours. I assume it's the blue one. I saw one with a clear bottom when I was on it, but forgot what colour it was.  

The cable car went over the sea, past Odongdo. It wasn't a long trip, about 5 minutes at most. 

We could have just driven over the bridge to get there, but it was more fun going by cable car. 
Once at the destination, you can enjoy the town or go on a cruise around Odongdo island. 
You can even walk onto Odongdo island if you wish! 


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