10 reasons why you should teach in South Korea

1. The Food
People who don't like Korean food are crazy. It's delicious and super healthy. Well, the majority of it is healthy. Many of the dishes includes a range of vegetables. Order a bibimbap for example. Rice, topped with a range of vegetables. They also eat a lot of delicious kimchi! There is a reason why South Korean's are so thin! 
Not only is it healthy, their food is super delicious and flavourful. Check out the list of Korean food that I have eaten by clicking here.

2. Easy Way of Life
The way of life is so much simpler than back home in gloomy UK. When working at the nursery, I would wake up at 6.30. Be at work for 7.30 and leave work at 6. By the time I got home, I would eat, nap then forget to wake up until the next morning. David was the same, he would leave for work at the same time and be home for just after 7. 
For full time work it's over 40 hours a week. 
In Korea, we both don't start work until 3pm and finish at 9pm. That's 25 hours a week for full time work. Starting so late means we can do things through the day! 

3. People are Friendly 
The majority of people are friendly. Sometimes you will come across the odd nasty one like you would back home. But, the majority of "bad" people doesn't even compare to the UK. I would get daily taunts just walking down the street by the neds. 
I mean, it does help that I have an Asian face. Most folk think I am Korean, until I tell them I can't speak it. 
Usually, if you're nice to the locals, they will be nice to you. They might seem like they are being rude, but trust me, they aren't. Come here with an open mind, and try and learn the language!

4. Beautiful Places
There are so many beautiful places to see in Korea. You could see one place every weekend. It ranges from things like the beautiful mountains to palaces which are bang in the city centre. There are many histoircal places and museums you could visit. The beaches are beautiful too, so you could just hang out there. 

5. Vacation Time
Lets face it. Vacation time is much better than back home in the UK if you don't work in a school that is. I didn't, I worked in restaurants and in a nursery. The only vacation time I get is if I accrue them. We rarely have "red days" bank holidays either.
Some people work in public schools in Korea and get pretty nice vacations! 1 month summer and 1 month in winter. 
I however only get 10 days a year + the red days. It could be better, but I shall not complain.
6. Salaries and Benefits 
Depending on schools, usually people start on 2.1 million won which is around £1500 a month. That's a lot for working 25 hours a week. I was on minimum wage in the UK at £6.50 at the time. To get £1500 a month meant I would need to work 58 hours a week. That's not including the massive deductions for national insurance and tax too. 
David would work 30 hours a week plus more for having to stay a couple of hours longer after the kids leave and be paid around £2100 a month but with a heck of a lot of deductions where he only got £1600. The £1600 didn't include the amount of planning, paper work and grading he had to do at home. I would see him work until midnight! That makes it more than 60 hours a week! 

In Korea you get benefits like FREE HOUSING! and 50% national health care. Free housing is the best thing! You won't have to worry about rent each month. Rent for us in the UK would be around £600 per month including council tax and water tax.
7. Low Cost of Living
(This was £6.50)
Everything is much cheaper here. We can feed two people only £10 at a restaurant! In the UK, a meal out for two would be £30+. 
Bills are much cheaper here too. Although we probably use more electricity and gas here in Korea, the bills way less than what we had to pay in the UK. 

8. 24 Hour Stores
24 hour stores are the best!!! Most stores in Korea open later! 
There are convenience stores everywhere. Most are 24 hours, that means I could get up at 3am and go get a cup noodle or a beer. 
Convenience stores close around 8pm in the UK! You can't buy beer after 10pm either.
9. The Culture

The culture is beautiful. There are many places you can visit to experience the culture. Things like the Hanok Village. You can try out the traditional clothes too. 
There are many festivals like Dano festival, the Salmon Festival..etc which you can enjoy. 

10. It's Fun and a Great Experience
It's the best experience any one can do. It's so fun! I would recommend people teaching here. Come here with an open mind. Learn the language. You don't have to be fluent. Just learn a few phrases and people will respect you more for it. 
I am loving my life here, I don't want to leave. Korea is such a beautiful, not gloomy country.

One last thing. If you decide to come here and work, please don't slag the way of life. If you don't like it, simply purchase a flight and head home.


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