10 things to see in Gangneung

It's been a year since I moved to Gangneung, Gangwondo in Korea (강릉). It's about time I compile a list of my top 10 favourite things to do here. Gangneung is a beautiful city. It's not too small and not too big either. It's located right by the sea and next to the mountains. What more do you need? 

1. 오죽헌 Ojukheon 
Ojukheon is named after the black bamboo trees that surround the area. Ojukheon has great history! It was the house of Sinsaimdang and her son Yulgok. Yulgok was a scholar and politician, and quite a genius. It is the oldest wooden residential building in Korea.  
Ojukheon comprises of a memorial hall, the area where Yulgok was born, a shrine and entrance gates like the picture above. There are many books and writings from Yulgok that are being preserved in Ojukheon. There is also a municipal museum which shows you Gangneung's past. 

Cost: 3,000 won
Opening Times:
Summer 8:00-18:00
Winter: 8:00-17:30

2. Gangneung's beaches
Gangneung is literally right by the beach. There is a huge stretch of coast going North and South, therefore there are many beaches to "play" on. 
My favourite is Sacheon beach! 
It's so peaceful here and there is a "lovers bridge" too. The coffee shops are really nice in this area. Try out Shelly's Coffee! 

3. Gyeongpo Lake
Gyeongpo Lake is probably the most famous site in Gangneung. It's so beautiful. According to the internet, it was made when the mouth of the bay closed due to sand and stones. It is now a designated protected site! You can rent bicycles to go around it, walk it or those 4 wheel pedal carts. 
There are stores and restaurants which surround the area. It is right next to Gyeongpo Beach too.

4. Unification Park
There is a huge warship here and also a North Korean submarine. 
The submarine was used to spy on the military by the North Koreans. 26 of the soldiers escaped onto shore. It took South Korea 49 days to capture them all and kill them. One of them remained missing. 
The warship is huge! Apparently it's an American ship used in World War 2 and the Vietnam War. 
It costs a couple thousand to get in. 

5. Chilsadang 칠사당

Chilsidang was an old government building back in the day. Apparently it gets the name from the seven government areas. It was used as a house for the King and one time for the military. The latest resident was the Gangneung Mayor. 

These buildings are located right in the centre of Gangneung. It's on the same street as Homeplus. If you walk all the way to the other end, you will see it. 
It's quite beautiful. Despite being in the centre, it is quite peaceful. 

6. Anmok Coffee Street
There is a street full of coffee shops right by Anmok Beach. It's hard to choose where to get your coffee because there are just so many. My favourite is Kirrikus and Bread AMPM. They sell good bread and desserts. 

7. Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm
Daegwallyeong is the mountain area of Gangneung. There is a sheep farm located up there. I lived in the UK, so I'm used to sheep. However, it's nice to venture up there for a little bit of nature. 
Cost: 4,000won
Opening Times: 
Jan-Feb 9:00-17:00
Mar, Oct 9:00-17:30
Apr, Sep 9:00-18:00
May-Aug 9:00-18:30
Nov, Dec 9:00-17:00

8. Walk up the mountains
There are mountains behind my apartment. They aren't very big, but they have made roads and paths through it. It's a nice walk, especially with the dog. It's not really a mountain, more like a hill! 

9.Bike along the river
There is a river which runs behind the downtown area (Homeplus) all the way past Emart towards the beach. On a good day, its nice to walk along the river or even ride a bike. 

10. Chodang Sundubu Jiggae
Chodang is a little village which is famous for sundubu. Dubu is tofu in Korean. It's a delicious stew! There are many restaurants which sell it. They even have murals along the walls which show how they make the dubu. As you walk into Chodang, it tells you a story. 


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