Blind Alley: Racoon Cafe

Yes, you read that correctly. Racoon cafe! One of the many themed cafes here in South Korea. I've never seen a racoon before so it was pretty interesting. Many people see racoons as pests, but I think that they're pretty cute and many other people do too. 
The Blind Alley cafe is located in Yongsan-Gu. 
The closest subway station is Sookmyung Woman's University. It's like the name suggests, in a blind alley. You can't miss it though, it's not really an alley, but just a bit further behind surrounding buildings. 

The cafe itself has two rooms. One room filled with coffee tables. You order and pay for your drink. Then, if you want to visit the racoons, you have to remove everything from your pockets and head into the other room. 
They only had two full sized racoons in that room. 

They also had two baby racoons in cages. They let these out sometimes. This one here was let out and allowed to roam all over the cage. 

They were also brought out on leashes. You were able to feed them. It was pretty cool. 

And here is the racoon wannabe! A corgi puppy! It was so cute, I preferred hanging out with the Corgi. 

Drinks were averaged priced! About 4-5,000 won! Not bad for a themed cafe! Most dog cafes charge about 8,000 for a rubbish coffee! This one was pretty decent. 

So if you're in Seoul, don't forget to check this place out! 


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