Pomodoro (포모도로), Gangneung (강릉)

I love Italian food! On my birthday this year, my friend took me to eat at 포모도로 Pomodoro! It's located just on the outskirts of Gangneung city, on Gunggol-gil, Hoesan-dong. 
I wasn't sure what to expect, but when we pulled up, the building was really nice. They built it to look really modern. 

The interior was decorated with comfortable looking sofas. It looked quite "posh". There were wine glasses on the table and the whole atmosphere was nice. 

As with a lot of Korean places, teddy bears are a must! 
The whole interior was very nice, they had big windows and it really made the place look better. 

As for the food, we went for the set and also a pasta dish. 

First came the soup. Yes, those are cornflakes on the top! It was a cream soup. I don't know the flavour, but whatever it was, it was okay. 

There was also a salad, dressed in a nice vinegar dressing. 

Spaghetti! I love tomato based pasta dishes. This was delicious. This wasn't part of the set. 

Donkasu and steak! Delicious! Served with a baked potato. This was a generous portion, I couldn't finish it. 

Prices are very reasonable too. There was also coffee or ice cream served at the end. 
This place does get a bit busy during lunch times. It's well worth a visit. 


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