Steaking, Gangneung Korea

Steaking is a chain restaurant which serves a wide range of dishes. They have a wide range of steaks, pizza dishes, pasta dishes and rice dishes. They also have a varied sides menu. The prices are fairly cheap! The more expensive steaks are around 15,000 won. The cheapest steak around 6,900 won. 
Beers are only 2,000 won for saeng maekju. 
The one I will be reviewing is in Gangneung, Gangwondo. It is located in the downtown area near the Olive Young on Gyeonggang-ro. 

The restaurant is pretty spacious, with nice decor. It's based on a run down warehouse I think. 
There is also a self service section for your pickles. Korean's love their pickles with western food, and I do too! 

You basically get seated, look at the menu, note down your table number and order at the counter. 
As you can see, there is a wide range of food! It was so hard when it came to ordering, I wanted everything. 

We ordered quite a bit for the two of us! 

Spaghetti alla Amatriciana 6,900
Oh man this is so good. My favourite spaghetti is Amatricaiana. The portion size was pretty good too. 

Boston Grill Steak 6,000
I have no idea what a Boston Grill Steak should look like, but this was pretty decent. The sauce is a little sweet though. I sure miss having some form of potatoes with my steak. 

Ricotta Cheese Salad Pizza (I think they took this off the menu, I'm so sad!!) 11,900
The best Korean style pizza I have ever had. 
This was divine! The ricotta cheese was so good! But, the last time I went, they scored this out. I am so sad!!! 

Buffalo Wings 5,000
The wings are good, but for 5,000 when a steak is only 6,000 is a bit weird! You get 4 pieces. 

We also had an ade 2,000 and a beer 2,000. 
The drinks were so cheap, I was surprised. It's cheaper to drink here than it is to go to a CU and buy a beer! 

Overall, I was impressed with this place. Really good selection, good price and delicious! 


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