5 things to do in Sokcho

It's one of the easier hikes at Seoraksan. 4 hours round trip. It's not too long, but it's not too short either, so it feels like a proper hike. Especially at the end with the steep incline and the many stairs.
An entrance fee of 3500W

It's totally worth the climb, the views from the top and just below are amazing. You can't miss Ulsanbawi Rock either, it's a giant structure with a white tone to it. 
Make sure you eat a large breakfast or bring some snacks. It's a long uphill climb! Some ladies were sitting near the top, completely exhausted and one was feeling sick. So be super careful and take your time. 

If you're not that into hiking, but want to see the spectacular views,  the cable car is for you. Heck, even if you do enjoy hiking, this is a great experience. You also get to see the Gwongeumso Fortress and a small hike to the peak of Gwongeumso.
An entrance fee of 3500W plus 10,000W return trip.

Warning, it is pretty high. The cable car ride lasts less than 5 minutes. It's pretty quick and goes up rather quick too.

200 won gets you a small ride across the chanel on a traditional gaetbae boat. It's man powered, and totally worth the experience. Located under the blue bridge. Choose to walk there from Emart, or get a taxi to Abai Maeul (Pronounced: Ah-Bye-E Mah-ul)
200W one way.

It was a great experience. Help the man pull the boat along if you wish. 

A huge market, full of produce and various goods. Many traditional foods to newer stuff. It's quite a treat. As with most markets, it's not exactly clean, so don't expect it to be. Just embrace it, and eat from the many stalls.
Located near the intercity bus terminal in Sokcho, it's not easy to miss, there is a big archway which looks like this:

5. Play Pokemon Go
If you live in Korea, you'll know that we don't have Pokemon go! Sokcho is the only place (Yang Yang too) to play Pokemon Go! However, if you're visiting from outside Korea, then this won't be new to you. It'll be fun to play the game in the only city which allows it. 
Be warned, there are no maps in the game, just green with pokestops and gyms highlighted.

That's it for my 5 things. There are other things like visiting the beach and various museums but they arent my top 5. 



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