Jungang Market

You're in Sokcho, it's right by the sea. Of course there will be a fish market! Actually, some fish markets I have been to have been absolutely disgusting. The one in Gangneung is a bit pants, I'm not a fan of it. There are some disgusting smells, and the floor is pretty dirty.
Sokcho has a pretty large fish market called Jungang. It's located near the intercity bus terminal.
Opening Times:
Ground Floor, 1st-2nd Open all year round 9:00-20:00
Basement: Closed every 1st and 3rd Sunday 9:00-22:00

The market is pretty big! There are alley's full of stalls, all selling various goods. One of the popular foods in Sokcho is ojingeo sundae which is grilled stuffed squid. It's pretty delicious. 
There were many live fish stalls, dried seafood stalls and fried chicken stalls.
 They also sold a lot of slush puppies, ice cream and churros. There were other stalls which sold clothing. David and I came across a stall which sold beer floats. The float was made out of beer ice cream. The ice cream tasted just like the head of a beer though, so they doused it in honey. 
My favourite stall there was the churro stall. 
I had my first churro a year ago in Korea, and not had one since. I had two boxes during my time in Sokcho, they're so good and fairly cheap at 3,000W a box. The ojingeo sundae was 7,000W a squid.
There was an underground fisheries market too, where they sold so many different kinds of live fish! You pick your produce and you can take it to one of the many restaurants in the middle of the market and they cut and prepare it all for you.
Depending on what you want, it can get a little expensive. It's nice to go as a group. Some of these restaurants have a set menu, where it was over 200,000W! I sure hope they included king crab.
Take a look at the various stalls, purchase some inexpensive homemade food and other delicious goods! 

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