Seoraksan Cable Car and Biryong Waterfall

When you're in Sokcho, you must visit Seoraksan National Park. It's spectacular!
David and I decided to split visiting the park into two days. Our hotel was right beside the entrance, so it was pretty easy to get to. From the hotel, it was a 2.6km walk, many people got the number 7 bus to the entrance, however these buses were packed like sardines. We went during Chuseok, when many families go to the mountains together. On the first day at Seoraksan, there were many people. Hundreds walking up to the gate. There were cars waiting in line for the car park. Even the bus had to wait until these cars got in.
It costs a mere 3500 won to get into the park. There are many hiking trails. Some are 1 hour long, others 7 hours or 11 hours. It depends on your fitness level, what time you're starting..etc. Please be prepared and don't do the 11 hour hike if you haven't got the right gear or prepared to camp if needed. Make sure you know your route. The rescue copter has enough to deal with.

The cable car is easy to find, and it goes pretty high. It costs 10,000W for a round trip. There is no way to hike down, you must get the car down again. However, from the cable car, there is a way to hike about 30 minutes more to get an amazing view (I didn't do this).

Most of my family and friends know that I am afraid of heights. I don't enjoy it, however, I don't want to be that spoilt sport who ruined the trips and end up staying ground level.
There was a huge wait for the cable car. The tickets were sold in advance, so we had to wait two hours before we could get on. Of course, we were allowed to walk around until our time arrived.

In the meantime, there was a short hike up to the Biryong waterfall (2.4km). It was an easy hike, the first part of the walk was smooth ground, but it soon became a rocky incline, as you would expect for a beginner trail. On the way to Biryong waterfall was the Yukdam Falls. I only made it to Yukdam. David and Nashwin went further to the Biryong waterfall.
There was a suspension bridge which I didn't like. There were metal stairs going up and the gap between the stairs were a bit too much, so was the drop down to the left.

After the hike down, we went up the Sogongwon cable car. There is a set time on your ticket, so there is a set number in each car (max 50). We weren't jammed like sardines luckily. Everyone got a nice view, and boy was it high. At the top there are bathrooms and a two little cafes to buy snacks. There are many view points too. I didn't see many, I found a seat and sat waiting. My legs just wouldn't move.
I couldn't even walk down the outside stairs to the Gwongeumseong Fortress. Or the 30 minute hike to the Gwongeumsong peak for a birds eye view.
Luckily, the two boys managed the hike up for the birds eye view.

Coming down was a challenge. We were first in line for the cable car, and you had to wait in line next to the window where you could see right down. I freaked and had a wee panic. Luckily, no one forced me to wait in line, they just let other people in and blocked my view of the drop.

If you're afraid of heights, a lot of what we did would not be too nice to enjoy. However, once back onto the ground, you will be glad that you did it!

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