Ulsanbawi Rock

Check out my previous post about Seoraksan here. Like I said in my previous post, David and I split Seoraksan into two days. We're not fit enough to finish one hike and then going up another longer hike. We decided to head towards Ulsanbawi Rock. It's one of the popular tourist spots and in the top 5 on most blogs. We followed the signs and discovered the other part of the national park which we didn't explore the day before. There was a giant Buddha. On the way up to Ulsanbawi, you come across Sinheungsa Temple and Heundeulbawi rock. From Heundeulbawi rock, it's another 0.6 km to get to Ulsanbawi rock. 
The start of the climb was fairly easy, at a slight incline. But once you get past Heundeulbawi, it becomes steep for the rest of the way. It's basically climbing a bazillion steps. They have put wooden blocks into the ground to help you climb. Heundeulbawi is literally a giant rock on top of the cliff! 
Once you think you have almost reached the top, there is a metal staircase which has about 8 flights of stairs until you reach the peak.
As most of you know, I'm afraid of heights. The stairs did not help. The stairs have huge gaps in between each step and it was basically stuck to one side of the rock. You could see the huge drop on your right and hear the staircase creaking.
I did my very best to do it. I climbed two flights of stairs but I couldn't make it. David went up ahead without me. But, as he was gone, I tried again on my own, and made up three flights, however the third flight was so scary, as it curved around the rock. 
The hardest part for me was going back down, as I was facing the steep drop! I clung onto the rope very tightly and took minuscule steps. 
I'm surprised I made it so far. Even from the base of the stairs, it was a spectacular view. You could see right over to the other peaks. 
It took us 4 hours to climb up and down the peak, so be prepared. There is a bathroom about half way and also a water refilling station. Bring energy bars, or some kind of fuel for yourself, it's pretty steep going up! 
If you look very closely at this picture, you will see me. Can you see the orange person? That's me! David took a photo and accidentally got me in it. I'm holding on for dear life! It was that bend in the stairs which made me stop. 
One day, I hope to climb up to the top. 

'till next time,



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