Haesindang, Samcheok (Penis Park)

Samcheok is home to one of the Penis parks in Korea! The other one is in Jeju and is much bigger apparently. I've been wanting to go to Haesindang for a while now, since my friend told me to visit when I was back home. It's taken me over a year to visit this place! I'm so glad I did, as it was hilarious.

How to get there:
There is the bus no. 24 which takes you there. You can catch it near the terminal. Walk to Ohsipcheon Ro and walk to the opposite side of the road from the terminal. 
It costs about 1300 W. Ask the driver to take you there, they don't always stop. 
David and I got a taxi which cost 28,000W. He dropped us at the top gate. 
On the way back, we got a bus which we caught at the bus stop, at the top gate. 

3000 Won per person. 

The penis park isn't there just for the novelty. There is a famous folk tale that is behind the whole place. A girl was engaged to a man and took his boat out to sea to collect seaweed. The weather turned bad and he couldn't save her. After that, the village people couldn't catch fish and many believed it was because of this girl. They then held religious ceremonies for this girl and the fish came back to the town. But, why do they have penises everywhere?

The other story I heard was about the guy doing his business into the sea and the fish came back and that's why there are penises in this park! 

It's a really funny place to visit! People take their children here! What would they be thinking? 
There are many statues of penises. They vary in shape and sizes. There are different markings on them too...and some are weird! 

They also have benches with penises and you can pose with them too...like I did. Man it was hilarious. 

There is also a folk museum inside and it has various information about the fishing village as well as the folktale. There were some penis statues and there was a vaj-jay-jay too. 

It is a bit far out though! I went to Hwanseongul Cave on the same day, and it took all of our time! 
But, it was hilarious, and definitely worth a visit. 



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