New Hobby!

I've been thinking about getting a DSLR since I saw the blood moon a few weeks ago. It would have been nice to have a decent camera to tak photos with! I was looking at prices of cameras and it would have been expensice to buy a new one. Luckily, someone in my community was selling a Canon T3 DSLR for 250,000 won, which is around 250 dollars or 180 pounds. This included the kit lens and a telephoto lens! Not bad! 

Here are a few photos I have taken the past few days. They were the only ones I was happy with and felt like sharing. I took over 500 photo's and only 12 made the cut! 

Breakast one day! I love the close up shot! I managed to get the back to blur. I'm not sure how! 

Although a bit blurry, I love this shot! 

This was a completely random shot. I love it! 

Close up of a butteryfly. I took about 20 photographs! 

A cricket I found whilst fishing. This little thing stayed still for me!

A bee collecting pollen. 
I'm sad I couldn't get a nice close up of the bee! The bee was collecting pollen, and you could see the pollen being gathered on her legs! 

I'm quite happy with how these turned out! 

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