Things change fast!

I always go too long without updating. Usually, I have nothing to report, as I don't do much apart from wake up and teach. It's been just over a month since my last update and so much has happened.
The end of November and start of December was a pretty stressful one. There were many things happening in my life that just stressed me out. But luckily, those stresses have all gone now. 
My co-worker and good friend did his driving test in Korea and I was so inspired. I decided to follow his footsteps. 
I joined the local driving school here and they enrolled me straight away. I'll post a follow up post about how to obtain your driving license later on. 
After just two weeks, I passed! Which is pretty scary, because I only had 3 on road driving lessons. 
I did all of my lessons in Korean, as well as my test too. The written test was in English, thankfully. 
It took three days for my license to be issued, but in the meantime, I ended up buying a car and had the car in my hands the day before I got the license issued. I was amazed at how fast the whole process was. Usually people wait months or years before getting their first car. I couldn't have done it with the help of David and my friend though. David helped me pay for the car (and hopefully he will get to drive it too, when he gets his license changed over) and my friend encouraged me the whole time! 

Here I am with my red Kia Visto called Rupert. 

So, now I am a fully licensed driver with my very own car! I've been a bit nervous driving, but I'm not getting the hang of it. Hopefully, I'll be more confident soon. 



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