Doground, Gangneung (도그라운드, 강릉)

Wow, there are so many dog cafe's in Korea! David and I came across one near Homeplus in Gangneung. We've walked passed a million times, but never noticed it. I assume they've been open before November 2016 due to their Facebook posts. I'm not sure why we haven't noticed it. It's not exactly hard to miss! 

They're open from 7am to 10pm. I'm tempted to leave him here while I go to work. They don't have a website, but their Facebook is here

I really love their idea! They used a couple of metal containers and converted it into a dog cafe. They've wired it with water and electricity. There's a nice big area for the dogs to run around outside. You don't get many places for dogs to play outside. It was pretty nice to take Monroe.

The inside is pretty spacious, with around 10-11 tables. Drinks are around 6.5 won, so it's a bit expensive, but you can bring your dog to play. I've been to a cat cafe in Daegu, where you had to pay 8,000w entry fee for an awful coffee. 

When we arrived, the dogs and the staff welcomed us. We were the only ones there. I'm not sure which dogs belong to them and which ones belong to other people. However, they were all pretty friendly. None of them bit me or bit Monroe. There were a few humpy ones though. 

They had two cute pugs! SUPER CUTE PUGS! And two huge labradors. There were also a few other dogs too like corgi's and mixed breeds. 

Their dog hotel service is about 20-25,000 won per day. I'm not sure exactly, as it was all in Korean. 
They also offer self bathing facilities for the dogs and homemade sweet potato treats! 

This pug was a wee sook! Poor thing, had a stuffy nose. Although, I think pugs are always like this. It kept sneezing, and coughing up phlegm. Ew. 

I'm not sure the name of this breed. He was a beautiful thing! 

Anyways, Monroe loved it here. He got into a little play fight with a maltese! We've taken him to another cafe before and he's been pretty scared. He came out of his shell at this one! He'll definitely be going back and making use of their outdoor facility! 


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