Engagement Ring and Wedding Planning

Here it is! It two weeks for them to resize, choose and place the diamond and change it to white gold. I love it. 

Our wedding won't be until September 2019! We're hoping for September 14th 2019 because our contract ends at the end of August. It would take about two weeks to recover from jet lag and possibly finalise all the lose ends. 

There's a lot to think about when it comes to weddings. It's also pretty pricy. We could always skimp and do a budget wedding, however we both (really!) don't want to leave anythings out just to save money. For example, we both want David's best friend's band to play our first dance (hopefully it's possible!) and a ceilidh! There will also be a DJ included after the ceilidh. Luckily, the DJ would be included in the package. 

Hopefully, we will book the wedding date soon at the venue. Once we do, it'll be all out planning and figuring out the things we need. It's SO HARD TO DO THE GUEST LIST! 

We will be heading back to the UK for a visit in 2018, and it'll be the time we organise things like food tastings, dress fittings, flowers and stuff like that. 

It's so exciting!!! 

I wish I could afford a wedding planner! I'm to lazy to do a lot of this stuff! 



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