March Already!

Well it's March already! It's kinda crazy how fast the time has gone. Not much has happened in the Crozier-Yuen household. We've been on the down low, keeping ourselves to ourselves. To be honest, I'm kind of sick of some things here and miss home a little. On the other hand, life is so easy. We're also trying to save a load of money for the wedding and preparing to move back home in a few years.  Therefore, we've been doing less things and also bulk cooking...our freezer is mental right now. 

Speaking of the wedding, we've put down our deposit for a date and signed the contract. We're just waiting for confirmation from head office that the money has gone through. We're 99% sure that we have our date though. It'll be 14th September 2019. It's still pretty far away, but it gives us a lot of time to save and not stress. Especially how we will be organising it all from abroad. 
We've chosen Edinburgh Zoo's Mansion House. 
It's a beautiful building. The vines that go up the building turn a beautiful red in the autumn. We chose this location because it was where we first met. 
I met David at the zoo, when he conducted my interview. From then, we worked together in the zoo, kiosks, restaurants and weddings. It seemed the best place to have it. There'll only be 60 people invited to the day as the layout we want prevents any more. Hopefully, the weather will be good, so I can have my photograph taken with the penguins! 

I've also made contact with my dad again. It feels weird. I don't feel as angry or jealous this time. My parents split when I was about 7. Then my dad left for Northern Ireland shortly after that. I don't really remember. I remember the odd times he came to visit and he took me to Metro Centre. When I was about 16, he stayed in Newcastle for a while and worked for my Aunty May. When he left to move to Doncaster, he helped me get in touch with my Aunty for a part time job. 
My Aunty May was the only one I was in contact with for a while and still am. Through university, he helped me by giving me money each month.  
In 2012, my dad went to my graduation and in 2013 he went to my sisters. After that, we haven't really been in touch. 
I've always thought that he never made the effort or he didn't care. But, thinking about it now, he did. He didn't have to do all those things mentioned above. Now, my dad is kinda online. He's introduced me to his kids and sent me photos. It feels different. I don't have that jealous feeling anymore, or that feeling of abandonment. Hopefully, I'll get to meet my half siblings next year. 
That's them there. The oldest brother is called Kang. The other brother is called Lucas and the weein is May. The lady on the right is Qin, my dad's wife and that's my pops on the left. He's not changed a bit! He's now got a Doncaster accent mixed with geordie. 

Next month, I'm going to be heading to Hong Kong. It's only going to be for two days. I'm hoping to see a few places like Victoria Peak and the Ladies market. I'm still unsure about what to do with the rest of my time though. I'll be meeting a few family members like my Dad's sister who I haven't seen in years! And my London Aunty's who used to live in London but now in HK. 
It's going to be fun, and I'm hoping to eat every minute that I'm there!!! 

That's pretty much it for now. 



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