Banh Mi Thit Vietnam Review

I recently posted about a Vietnamese pho restaurant which has opened up near my apartment. The same guys own another Vietnamese sandwich cafe nearby. I had the pleasure of visiting there today. I've been waiting for a good month for it to open! 

Located in Ponam Dong, Gangneung. 
When you're in Ponam Dong, head to Paris Baguette. Turn right at Paris baguette and walk straight, you will see the pho restaurant on the right. Turn left, and you should see the Vietnamese cafe on the right. (Before the CU). 
Gyeonggang Ro 2301 Beon Gil. 

It's a small cafe, with only three tables. There's no menu yet, but they explain it in Korean. 
There are a few things to choose from, beef (so gogi), pork (dweji gogi) and hamburger meat. I'm not really sure what's on their full menu; I hope they will make a menu in the future. 

David and I ordered the so gogi and dweji gogi sandwiches. The portion was pretty big; you get a whole baguette. I thought they only served half, so when all four came, I felt much happier. 
The sandwich was a bit hard on the outside, so it cut the corners of my mouth as I ate. The filling was good, both had the same fillings apart from the meat and the pork had lettuce. There was also a bottle of sriracha style sauce to put on as you ate 

I love the colours! The red, orange and green really brings out this sandwich. It had chilli's through it, so now and again you would get a wee kick. 

Very cheap!
4,500 won for two halves. Our total came to 9600won including two canned drinks. 

It's nice to have a place like this open near my apartment. I'm hoping the next time I go back, they will have a menu ready. They had pictures on the walls which "I think" you can choose from! 
Anyways, for the price, I'll definitely be back. It was great! 


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