Golondrina (골론드리나)

Golondrina is a Mexican and Peruvian restaurant. YAY! I've said in previous posts, that non-Korean food is hard to find in Gangneung. Golondrina's is the best place for this type of food in Gangneung. There are other Korean style restaurants like this, but nothing comes close to the food served here. They also have many beers on tap and change them around now and again. 

It's located on 4-11 Haseulla Ro 206 been gil in Taekji, Gangneung.
Click here for the google map location.

The Food



I ate here about 6 months ago, so I'm not 100% sure about what each dish was filled with, or their prices. I just know they they have pretty damn good food! 

Good prices, I don't recall the actual prices of these dishes. But, I do remember it not being expensive. 

The food here is great. It's authentic and it tastes delicious. 
The beers they have on offer here are great, there's a huge selection of craft beers. It's probably the best place for a beer here in Gangneung. 

I will be back here again to do an up to date review. 


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