Little India, Itaewon, Seoul.

As many foreigners in Korea know, it's pretty hard to come across a good curry when you're not in the middle of Seoul. I live in Gangneung, which is on the East Coast. We have nothing Indian. It's a shame for my stomach. Non-Korean food is pretty hard to come by if you don't live in Seoul. There aren't that many choices. The weekend just gone, David and I were in Seoul. Every time we go, we eat in Itaewon. It's the best place for foreign food, although expensive it's usually totally worth it. 
This time round, we decided to go for a curry. Oh how I miss curry. I miss going to the local Indian takeaway and ordering a curry with a rice and a naan. 
We found Little India by reading someone's blog. I can't for the life of me remember the link! 

When you get off at Itaewon Station, take exit 3. 
Walk straight until the first right turn. There's a Mr Kebab store on the corner. 
Walk up the slight hill, past the foreign food market until you reach the top of the hill. 
Take the left (3rd left). Walk up the street and you should see the restaurant on your left. 
Or, click here to see the location on google maps. 

There are so many other restaurants nearby, too. So you're not really stuck for choice. 

We arrived around 8pm, so the rest of Itaewon was starting to get a bit rowdy. Luckily, this restaurant was empty. The waiter was great, he was only 17 years old and such a nice person. 

The prices were pretty decent. A curry was about 10,000-15,000W depending on what you get inside. Obviously, lamb would be on the higher end. 
Rice and Naan breads ranged from 3,000-4000won. 
They don't serve alcohol, so soft drinks are around 3,000-4500. 4500 for things like mango lassi. 

The Food

Butter chicken was ordered because it was our absolute fave back home. I'm used to the HUGE potions back home, so this was on the smaller side. A lot of restaurants in Itaewon tend to do smaller servings. 
The taste was okay, it was less "buttery" than that I'm used to. But then, the curries in the UK are catered to different tastes. 

Tandoori chicken. You could order a half portion for 10,000W or a full portion for 20,000W. 
It was delicious and was nice and juicy. 

Paneer Naan. There were four pieces and I honestly could have eaten another 5 portions. 
We also had a basmati rice which came out a bit later because they forgot. I definitely needed a rice! 

Mango juice and Mango Lassi.

The curry seems to be authentic! There are many to choose from, and there are set menus if you can't decide what you want. 
The service is great and the prices are decent too. 

The portions are on the small side. David and I shared because we wanted to eat a doner kebab after. However, if I ate it on my own, I would have still been hungry.  

Total price was just under 40,000W. 
Due to portion sizes, I'm most likely going to go to Taj Palace for a buffet next time. which is about 20,000W each. 


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