Richmond Dimsum (이태원 리치몬드 딤섬) Review

I'm pretty sure Korea has a lack of REAL Chinese restaurants. A lot of chinese restaurants I have been to are Korean/Chinese, so they don't sell real chinese food. I was walking in Itaewon and came across Richmond Dimsum by mistake! I was so happy when I found it; my heart skipped with glee. 
The restaurant is on the smaller side, so I assume they have many people coming and going! Their kitchen is tiny too, I'm surprised they can dish out the food as fast as they did. 

Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-3.30pm, 5.30-11.30pm
Monday: Closed

Located in Itaewon! Close to Noksapyeong Station. 
Or from Itaewon station, take exit 1 and continue straight. Keep walking until you you reach the 5th right, and walk up the hill. Take the second right and walk about 100 metres. The restaurant will be on your left. 
The address is Noksapyeong-daero 40 na gil. 

The Food
The menu is small, unlike other dim sum restaurants. They have various dumplings, noodles and rice dishes. There are things on the menu like sweet and sour pork and curry. 

I ordered the tan tan noodles. Tan Tan is one of my favourite noodle dishes. The dish came out well presented. Sadly, it wasn't spicy enough. But, I enjoyed it. The broth is made using peanut, chili oil and coriander. 8,000W

Har gow, prawn dumplings. My absolute favourite in dim sum restaurants. 
They were good. They also offer a price per dumpling too, so if there are four of you, you can add on an extra.  
They were good, and had whole prawns inside and not too mushy. 5,000W

Siu mai with crab meat. 
Pork and prawn dumplings, topped with crab meat. The dumplings varied in colour too, which added to the uniqueness of this dish. 6,000W. 

The dishes were served with soy and ginger as well and chinese pickles. 

There was another dish ordered, but I can't for the life of me find the photo. It was a tomato and egg fried rice (8,000W), which David ordered. Their beer list is also great, with items like Tsing Tao, Taiwan beer, and various Chinese liquor. 

Their main dishes are around 15,000W-21,000W. But their noodles and rice range from 7,000-9,000W. 
Very good value. 8,000W for noodles is very reasonable and on the cheaper side in Itaewon! 

There are other dumplings on the menu such as the the xiao long bao, filled with soup. I could easily order the whole menu whilst there! It's a very hard decision sometimes. 
I'll be back Richmond Dimsum! Please open a restaurant in Gangneung. I would be your No.1 customer! 


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