Things to do in Hong Kong!

1. Victoria Harbour
Victoria harbour is one of the main attractions in Hong Kong. It's not far from Tsim Tsa Tsiu and is one of the most visited spots. From the harbour, you can see the a row of tall sky scrapers. The view is beautiful, especially during sunset, as the sun reflects of the buildings. I was lucky to see Victoria harbour on both a sunny day and an overcast day!

Here's the moody, overcast photograph. 

Here's the one on the bright sunny day, just before the sun was setting. 

Both times were great, the view was spectacular! 

2.  Ride the Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is part of Hong Kong's public transport. You can use your octopus card to ride it, or pay a mere 3 dollars. The ferry takes you across to Hong Kong island, where central Hong Kong is located. 

You get a totally different view of the harbour. I went just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful. 

3. Victoria Peak Tram
The Peak Tram isn't far from Central. I'm not sure how far, but we took a taxi to the entrance as we were a bit tired. Taxi fares aren't too bad either! 
Be warned, the wait for the tram is ridiculously long. There are two options, wait in the normal queue, or buy Madame Tussaud tickets with the tram tickets and "skip" the queue. Honestly, unless you're wanting to see Madame Tussauds, it's not worth purchasing both tickets. You still have to wait in a long line to get on the tram. 

The tram was great! As you go up, it feels like you're going vertical and the buildings look slanted. Apparently, it's the peak tram illusion! It was pretty neat and a little terrifying (I hate heights!). 

4. Victoria Peak and Tower
At the top of Victoria peak  there is the Peak Tower which has a wide range of shops and restaurants. There is the Sky Terrace, which is an extra place you have to pay to get a different view of the city. We opted for the free one, there is a viewing platform outside, and the view was spectacular. We only got to see the view at night as we were waiting in the tram queue for too long. 
The view was amazing. The bright lights showed how busy this city actually is! All those little lights are mostly apartments! 
There is an option to get the tram back down, walk back down or get the bus! The walk back down is pretty steep, but it's all paved and not a bad walk. 

5. Mong Kok

The major shopping area of Hong Kong. Full of designer stores, from cameras to shoes! They even have a sports shoes street! I didn't see much of this place, as we didn't really want to buy anything. It was nice to walk past the various stores. 

6. Ladies' Market

A place for ladies! Kidding, men too! I'm not sure why they called it Ladies market as it's aimed for all genders. There are over 100 stalls selling clothing to souvenirs. I didn't really see the "wow" factor. They seemed like normal stalls to me, and a lot of them were repeated. I did like the stalls which sold 5 HK branded T shirts for 100 dollars.

7. Mid Levels Escalator/Soho

Located in Soho. There's a long slope which has shops and restaurants. It's popular and very busy. There are two ways to go up to these stores, you could either walk up it or take the escalator. Yep, I chose the latter too! The escalators go up and down, but not at the same time. I think they switch direction every so often. We went right to the top, and it's pretty far.

8. Clock Tower

Located on the other side, near Tsim Tsa Tsiu. There is a clock tower. The clock tower used to be a bustling train station. It's there as a remembrance to the Chinese folks who immigrated to Hong Kong and other parts of the world via the harbour. How sweet! 

9. Tsim Tsa Tsiu

Pretty central and close to everywhere! Busy area with a lot of shops and restaurants. There are quiet a few museums in this area too, as well as a mosque. 
Be careful, there are a lot of pick pockets here and also many people trying to sell you things and are quiet bothersome! Just ignore and walk on by (they tend to target caucasians!)

There are many bars too! Here's me enjoying a drink ^-^! 

10. Eat dim sum/Yam Cha

The pictures will do all the talking here! 
Siu Yuk. Roast pork, delicious! 

Siu Mai. Pork and prawn dumplings. My favourite!

Yuk See Chow Mien. Shredded pork, crispy noodles. My other favourite!! 

Ngao Yuk Gau. Beef meatballs. So good! 

Sin Zuk Gyun. Tofu skin roll, filled with meat! 

Lo bat go. Turnip Cake. Another fave of mine! 

Eat dim sum! Just go, and ask them to choose a few dishes. It's best to go as a group, so you can order different dishes and sample. It's my favourite food, and I guarantee you would love it too! 

11. Go to a HK Cafe
There are many HK cafes. I'm gutted I didn't go to many of them. I ate too much overtime I ate dim sum and was too full to eat more! However, I did go for breakfast. 
I ordered my favourite, dried scallop juked with chinese donuts. There were so many juked toppings, this one is my favourite because my por por always cooked it for me! 

They sell various foods from eggy rice (like above - David's), to flat noodles like chow fun and won ton noodles. You will also find things like sweet and sour chicken..etc. 
There are some great drinks, like the one I had. Milk tea with grass jelly. For some reason, people really like Ovaltine! 

Hopefully, I will get to go again soon and visit other places like the big buddha, Ocean Park, Stanley market and one of the many islands! 

I love Hong Kong ^-^! I hope you do too!

Ngoh Ho hoi sam! 



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