Vietnam Pho Trliyen Thong (Pho Restaurant) Review

A new restaurant has opened up near my apartment. I have no idea how to pronounce the name, but in Korean it's Vietnam Salguksu. Vietnamese noodles, or Pho as we all know it. Pho is pronounced like "Fuh" but I still (no matter how hard I try), say it as "Fo" in my head. 
I was lucky when I visited. I went on their opening day and pho was free! The owner decided to have a "service" day, to promote their new business. I'm so glad that I decided to go there for my lunch! 

It's located in Ponam Dong, Gangneung. 
The easiest directions I can give is, find Paris Baguette, then turn right, and walk all the way until you see it. 
Gyeonggang Ro 2301 Beon Gil. 

Delicious! I expected it to be a tiny portion, since it was free, but when it came it was huge. A nice big bowl, full of noodles and topped with beef and pho vegetables. 

I've had Pho in Korea before, at Pho Bay in Gangneung, but this is probably the closest to the real stuff. They have Vietnamese people working in the kitchen, so it's gotta be legit, right? 
The noodle soup had a lot of flavour and wasn't bland at all. It could have done with a bit more kick, but that's what the chili sauce on the side is for. 

The price was really cheap. It was 6,000W for a bowl of pho on their menu. 
They also had the Vietnamese rolls on there for about 10,000. I can't comment on the rolls, but I will in a future post! 

It's a great find, and I'm so glad they have opened. I love Vietnamese food, and its great being able to find non-Korean food in Ponam Dong! 
I hope if you visit, you will give it a go!


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