April Skin: Pinky Clay Nose Pack

I don't normally do beauty reviews, however I live in Korea and I buy a few beauty products now and again. I do like to spice up my blog a little. I wanted to blog about the April Skin Pinky Nose Clay pack because it is amazing! It's similar to the Shills peel off mask, but in my opinion it works so much better. 
The mask comes in a little set, complete with a special toner, the mask and a soothing gel. I bought my set from Olive Young, in Gangneung South Korea. I'm not sure where you can buy it if you're not in the country. I'm sure you can find it on eBay or Memebox.

You can find out the ingredients and other essentials on this website:

The packaging was simple, with a pink design to go with the name. There's a crab on the front of the box with instructions in Korean! Inside the box, there are three bottles; toner (30ml), nose pack (25ml) and soothing gel (25ml). There are little nose strip sheets for the toner.
It wasn't too expensive at 16,000W ($16 or 12GBP). 

Because the instructions were in Korean, I did it wrong the first time and ended up with no results. 

Step 1: 
Put toner onto the nose strip sheets and then microwave it for 20-30 seconds (This was the step I missed out the first time I tried it)  and place it on the nose for 10 minutes. 
This step allows the pores to open and also softens the sebum. 

Step 2: 
Put on the mask in a thick layer. 
Wait 10-15 minutes or until it has dried. Then peel it like a normal pore strip. Across the way. 

Step 3: 
Rub on the soothing gel. 

The toner is a clear liquid but the smell can be a bit off putting. It can also sting a little. I'm not sure of the ingredients but the smell and feel is very similar to Clearasil. 

The mask itself is thick, and covers the nose pretty well. It's advisable to use a thick layer, so that it's easier to get off. I didn't notice a smell with the mask. 

The soothing gel is a clear thick liquid. When rubbed in, it feels a bit watery. It didn't smell either and reminded me of aloe vera gel. 

I left the mask on for about 20 minutes, 10 minutes longer than specified. This was because I forgot and was busy doing things around my apartment. 

Please ignore the state of the mask. I'm not exactly the best at masking. I got it all over my clothes and it can get a bit messy if you're not patient enough. 
As you can see, I put on a thick layer on my t zone, nose and chin. It's super shiny and gloopy when wet. 

Once dried, the mask has a matted feeling. It's different to the Shills mask where it's shiny. You can see the mask sink into my pores in this picture. 

Here comes the gross part! The big reveal. Actually, it's not too gruesome. The mask pulled out a lot of tiny black heads along with the micro hairs on my nose. It didn't just pull a few of the hairs, it pull out almost all of them. 

My camera doesn't seem to want to focus. But you can see a few blackheads on this part. 

 All those white things are the micro hairs! With odd black heads here and there. 
My chin pulled out the least. 

That wasn't very pleasant! Pulling off the mask hurt a lot! I've used Shills and it never hurt. But this one seemed to adhere to my skin and not want to peel off. I have a video of myself doing it, but I don't want to scare you all. It hurt the most under my eyes. 

I found this nose pack to be the best I have tried. I have tried many kinds, from peel off masks to normal pore strips. I have an addiction to pulling the blackheads out. It's a weird addiction, like popping spots. I always feel gutted when using other sebum removers, but this product didn't do that. I was pleased with the results. 

It's obviously not like the advertisement, where they seem to think it pulls out a lot of black heads.
My nose isn't that dirty, so the amount that was removed could have been much more. 

Due to the Korean directions, it can be very confusing. I was unsure if I should wash the toner off after applying it. Other masks tell you to do this. I washed it off the second time I used it and it gave me good results.  
If you get a chance to use this product, let me know what you think! 
I loved it, and will be using it often. 


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