Budnamu Brewery (버드나무 브루어리) Review

Budanmu is a brewery which also doubles up as a bistro. They serve their own beers on tap as well as  some western style bar grub. They're pretty big, but during peak times, there could be a huge wait for a table. They have two floors, as well as outdoor seating (great for the summer weather). 
I have been here on four separate occasions, and I will review this place based on my times here (of course, it'll be a good review since I keep going back!)

Opening Times
Monday-Sunday 12.00pm-00:00am

1961 Gyeongang Ro
Just up the road from Gangnueng Medical Centre. 

It can be easy to miss if you're going past it fast. It's a grey building, with one of those sliding doors. 
As you walk in, you can see their brewery in action. Their restaurant is located next to them, with glass windows separating you from the tanks. 
The building itself is designed to look like a worn down factory building. Apparently, these kind of buildings are in fashion now as there are so many like this. 

The Food

There's so many things to choose from. Their menu changes from time to time, too. Previously, they only had open top sandwiches before 3pm. But, I recently went back and they were on the main menu for the evening. Great! 

Here are two kinds of open topped sandwiches. One with parma ham and the other with chicken. 
They were really good! I'd love to be eating one of them right now. The toppings they use are great quality. I love the greens, as most places I've been to only use boring lettuce. 

There are other things on the menu like fish and chips (but the chips are fries). The following are food items that I have ordered. I've been back about three times, so these were not all in one sitting (I'm not that greedy...okay maybe I am a little!)

Tomato Calzone. 
I'll be honest, this was hella disappointing for me. The filling just didn't quite make a punch. I would like to see it filled with something like goats cheese. Their chilli dip that came with this was great! It had a nice kick and it tasted super good. 
They have recently taken this off the menu, so guess it wasn't that popular. 

Camembert! Oh my, I've ordered this 2 out of the 4 times I have been here. It's a whole camembert, baked and drizzled with honey, pecans and sugar powder. The sugar powder is a little strange, but it's delicious. 
Sadly, they have recently taken this off the menu. I love this, I hope they bring it back some day - maybe I'll have to make it myself if they don't. 

They also have a wide range of drinks. They have their beer which they brew on site. This one occasion, David ordered the sampler. You can also buy the beer to take home in 1 litre bottles. I'm not sure how it works, won't it go a bit flat after it's poured? I'll give it a go next time. 

There are two samplers on the menu, so he opted for both. They also have a variety of soft drinks; I had the orange ade in the top photo. Another time, I had their ginger milk. Soft drinks are about 6,000W each. Their ginger milk is delicious and not too sweet. 

Mushroom pizza. 
Delicious and much better than their calzone. The size was great, and enough to share. 

Recently, I went back and their menu changed. So I opted to try the bacon steak sandwich. It was good, the bacon was salty with a good bite to it. It was also breadcrumbed and very well seasoned on a nice ciabatta style bread. 

Summer pizza. Chorizo, red onion, paprika, zucchini and mint. 
The description was a bit off because there was no mint and it was topped with spinach and dill instead.

We were disappointed due to the size. Our previous pizza was huge! This was mediocre compared to the mushroom pizza mentioned earlier. 
However, it was delicious! The dill added to it was great and it brought out a different taste. I'm glad it wasn't served with mint. 

Prices vary and they are expensive. The cheapest on the menu is 11,000 for a green salad. The pizza's were about 16,000. Open top sandwiches 18,000 and their specials were about 19,000. 
Their drinks are about 6,000-8,000 per glass for beer or soft drinks. Their beer taster set is 18,000 for 4 x 180ml glasses. 

Budnamu has a great atmosphere; it's dark, and bistro like. There's something quirky about the place. 
I've had some different experiences each time I've been back. The first time was great, no faults!

The second time, David and I ordered the open top sandwiches and calzone. The waitress said it was too much food to order. She kept repeating it, so we cancelled the calzone. Why did she care? We were paying and wanted it. We were disappointed because there were two of us, and David could have polished both dishes off alone. 

The third time was with friends and my friend asked for more lemon. They tried to tell her how to use the lemon because she squeezed it on the fish instead of the sauce. There was a little arrogance which wasn't needed. Most people squeeze lemon on fish! It's a pretty common thing to do. 

The last time we went (04.30.2017), it was busy. We were seated upstairs and got the bacon steak sandwich and drinks. But waited over 30 minutes for our summer pizza to arrive. By this time, we finished the sandwich and drinks. Other tables around us got the same pizza and ordered after us. I'm pretty sure they forgot, until we asked. 
Then, this useless waiter dropped the glasses from his tray and looked at the customer as if it was his fault. He then walked away and served other people before cleaning it up. The female waitress came and stood on the glass (she didn't know it was there). The male came back and went away. The female was quick and got the brush to sweep it up. He came back after it was done with his own broom. Why did the guy wait so long? 

Anyways, despite mishaps after our first visit, it's still worth going back!
The food is a tad expensive, but where else can you get this type of food in Gangneung? The food is delicious and the atmosphere is great. Although, the waiting staff need a little training, it's a great place to go - try it out! 


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