Din Tai Fun Review, Gangnam

A very popular restaurant! Din Tai Fung is found world wide, so it must be good. It's even in dim sum central (Hong Kong). I found out about this place whilst googling dim sum restaurants in the whisky store located in Gangnam. Boy, was I happy when this restaurant came up in my search. 
It's a very busy restaurant, so it's best to book. I didn't book, so I had to wait 20 minutes for a table. You could be waiting longer (up to 2 hours) if you turn up at peak times. 

12 Seocho-daero 73-gil, Gangnam. 
Get off at Gangnam station, exit 9. Take the second right. Keep walking up and Din Tai Fung has a set of stairs leading up to the entrance. There's a Dessert Factory opposite. 

The Food
The menu was extensive, there were many dim sum dishes and main dishes to choose from. 

Their signature dim sum is their Xiao Long Bao. Meaty Soup filled dumplings. David and I ordered 6 but you could also order 10 which were about 9,000W! I'm not sure we could have polished it off if we ordered the latter. 

They weren't too bad. A little tasteless without the vinegar and ginger to go with it. The dumplings weren't that soupy either. Nevertheless, they filled a hole and I would happily order it again. 

Next up were the Siu Mai (Shao Mai). If a restaurant doesn't serve this, they're a bad dim sum restaurant. All dim sum restaurants should have this, if they don't it's a sin!! 

They had a bit of soup in them and they were delicious! Again, you could order 6 pieces or 10. For 10 pieces it was 14,000W. It's a little on the expensive side, but it had prawns, so kind of expected. 

This was the beef fried rice. Heaven. I've been looking for fried rice which taste like the takeaways back in the UK. Korean fried rice just doesn't cut it. Possibly due to the lack of MSG! This tasted like the real stuff, and I could totally eat this over and over again. Sadly, it was a little expensive for this! 12,000W. I'd be expecting to pay about 9000W

Lastly, shrimp and pork wonton soup. There's an option for noodles too, but due to the amount of food we ordered, it might have been too much. Sadly, it was too salty. I'm used to my wonton soup having a more meaty flavour than salt. 9,000W. 

All dumplings were served with a soy vinegar mix and ginger. This was great, as it brings out the flavour in some dumplings. 

For the dumplings, the price was great. For 9,000 you could get 10 soup dumplings! That's pretty cheap to me. The only expensive dish was the beef fried rice at 12,000W. Still not breaking the bank, but I'd be expecting it to be about 9,000 as it's fried rice. 
Maybe it's because beef is so expensive in Korea? I'm not sure. 

Overall, this was a great place for Chinese food. It definitely hits the spot when you're craving a dim dum fix! I'll definitely be back when I visit Gangnam again. Just remember to book, or turn up earlier than your expected time. Even though it's a big restaurant, it gets so busy and you could be waiting for a long time! 


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