Jeju Island: Love Land (제주도 러브랜드)

잘지내세요? 내가 블로그를 한국어와 영어  써어요. 어려울거예요. 요즘 한국어를 배우기해요. 
How are you? I'm writing a blog in Korean and English. It's difficult. Nowadays, I'm learning Korean. 
내가 초보자예요. 한국어를 잘 못해요. 미안해요! 
I'm a beginner. I don't speak Korean well. Sorry! 
3주전에, 나는 제주도 러브랜드에 갔어요. 정말 재밌었어요! ㅎㅎㅎ
3 weeks ago, I went to Jeju Island's Loveland. It was really funny! 
나는 많이 웃었어요. 나는 가고 다시 싶어요. 사진 많이 만들었어요.
I laughed a lot. I took a lot of pictures. I want to go again. 
자 here:

돼지사랑. 귀엽다!
Pig love! This is so cute, there were a few of these dotted around the park. 

이거맛있지 않았어요. 
Some rude bread! They were filled with a bean paste. It wasn't good, it was pretty dry. 

뽀뽀 주세요!
Kiss please! Hahaha, I got stuck in this statue! 

Crazy o.O! This is at the start of the park, it's pretty huge. 

이거 뭐야? 
What is this? Hahaha...oh my. 

Opening times: 
오전: 9:00
오후: 24:00

Address (주소): 
1100로 2894-72, 연동
2894-72 Cheonbaengi-Ro

You can get the Jeju Golden Bus Tour to the entrance! It's about 12,000W a ticket, and you can hop on and off at various attractions! 

Only people over 20 can visit the park! It makes sense, as there are some pretty explicit things. 

So, I tried to write some of this in Korean. It's really hard, but I want to learn how to speak and write in Korean and this will help me.  Learning a second language is fun ^-^!

There are more pictures, but they're a bit explicit and I have no idea how to restrict the audience of the post. 



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