Studying Korean

지금, 한국어를 공부하고있어요. 내가 왜 공부해요? 한국을 좋아해요. 내 새취미예요. 열심히 공부 싶다. 그러나 많이 어려워요! 난 할수 있어! 
지금, 영어를 쓸거예요. 

Hi, lately I've been studying Korean because I really like Korea. It's my new hobby, but sometimes I feel like I need to justify why I want to learn it (I shouldn't - but you always get those people). It's hard, but I can do it. It all started from watching the Korean Drama 도깨비 Dokkaebi - Goblin The Lonely and Great God. It's sucked me right in, and it feels like there are many jokes I've missed because I can't understand Korean. I'd like to learn and then re watch it, hoping to catch things I've missed. 
I'm now a big fan of 공유 Gong Yoo. I guess that's a big motivation to learn, too. 

I've been posting a lot on social media in Korean, because I feel it helps me learn. Even if I do make mistakes. It's the process of learning...right? 

I study using various ways. I've been reading and translating Korean children stories. They're the usual princess stories we get in English. Cinderella, Snow White, Thumbelina...etc. I hope to read the Harry Potter series in Korean someday. 

I also have a beginner grammar book, which I am slowly working through. Of course, I find it difficult remembering all of the grammar points. I will of course, review the book again once done then work my way up to the intermediate book. 

Then, I study vocabulary words every day. I started with 15 day (5 nouns, verbs and adjectives) but it's too much. I've cut it to 10 a day, and I get the words from the stories I read. I find that my biggest problem is the vocabulary.  I simply don't know enough words. 

Lastly, I write a Korean diary each week and it is checked by my coworker. 

That's's been a month since I started and I feel like I've progressed. I'm able to form sentences, although I do get confused with all the particles the Korean language has. 

So, here's to second languages! Maybe one day, I'll be able to find a Korean class to attend. 


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