2 years in Korea

Last year I wrote about my first year, you can read about it here. And also, I wrote about my first ever day in Korea, which you can read here.

Can you believe I've been in Korea for two years now? If you asked me a few years ago if I would be able live and work in a different country, my answer would have been no. I remember when I had to move cities for university. I shed so many tears when I couldn't go to the university in my home town. Now that I'm in Korea and have settled in, I don't want to leave. Not just yet anyways. I'm hoping to stay in Korea for a few more years, I've made a home here, and I can't quite leave yet. Work and leisure life here is way better than back in the UK. Every time I think about moving home, I think about all the bills, the hours I need to work and the lack of money. Back then, I worked in restaurants and retail, where I would have to work over 40 hours a week to make ends meet. I then decided to train to become a nursery worker. Getting into the childcare business was the best decision I ever made. I just wish I continued with it, but Korea called. Korea totally trumps that. It's the BEST decision I have ever made. It has been the best experience for me and it has made me grow a lot. I mean, not a whole lot, but I do more things now that I would never have back home.

A lot has happened in two years, this year especially and it's not even finished yet. I have just renewed my contract for the third year at the same school. I really like where I work, my coworkers are all very nice people and the kids I teach are all super fun and cute. A lot has changed since I started there though, some for the better and others not so good. Hopefully, those things will iron themselves out.

Since my last annual post about Korea, I've done a lot...! Firstly, I joined the Apple world. It's not really a big deal to most, but it is to me. I've always wanted to join the bandwagon but I always thought it was too expensive. Now, I have an iPhone and a MacBook. Next, I'll get an iPad, just because I want one...maybe an iPod and and iWatch... just kidding.

Secondly, I can drive! Back in December 2016, I took Korean driving lessons and passed. It was so easy. You can read about how I got a driving licence in Korea here. The rules and lessons have changed now though. They have more tests and other things, so my blog isn't the most recent. I joined a driving school, and it cost around 500GBP from lessons to getting my license. It only took two weeks, too! Now, I've been driving for about 7 months and it feels like second nature. I drove up and down the country a few months ago doing the Number 7 road trip. It's made traveling Korea a lot easier, and just general day to day things like food shopping. It's also made me a lot more lazier...I drive to school and it's only a 5 minute walk and I hardly ride my bike anymore. Oops.

Then, in February the most amazing thing happened. I was walking the dog with David along the river and he proposed..in about a foot of snow. I was joking about my name being Kelly Kaman and that if I married him, it would be Kelly Kaman Crozier, the first letters being the same sound and he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Wedding planning has been on and off, we chose the 14th September 2019 and booked the venue already. It's still over two years away, so we have plenty of time to plan and decide on things. Also, it gives us time to save for it.

In April, I went to Hong Kong. FINALLY! I've been wanting to go for years. My family are from Hong Kong, so it was about time I went. I met up with my Aunty Alice, who I have not seen since I was wee and my Uncle Martin. It was really fun, and I want to go back to see them and also eat my weight in dim sum. I also drove to Incheon Airport too, which was my first super long drive. It wasn't the best drive either. I drove at night, and the roads were dark and many roadworks, not the best conditions to drive in.

Then, In May, I went on my Korean Road 7 road trip down the East coast of Korea. I drove the whole way, David drove some of it when I got tired. It was so fun, I hope to do another road trip like that again. I just hope I can take the dog next time.

In June I flew to Jeju Island for a long weekend away. I climbed up Hallasan, the highest mountain in Korea. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, and was dreading it before I started. David and I started at 5am and made our way to the top before noon. My feet were hurting aa whole lot on the way back down. I ate also ate horse on Jeju island and tried some of their black pig.

Finally, at the end of July, I went to Manila, Philippines. It's not the best destination to go if you're wanting the relaxing beach style holiday. But, it was great for sightseeing and experiencing a whole different culture. It's a pretty poor place, so it smells and looks dirty. But, it was pretty cool and the locals are so friendly!

This year, I started to learn Korean, too. It was about time I started. I started studying on and off in my first year, but this year, I decided to do it a bit more long term, on my own using a book. So, far it's okay. My writing is much better than my speaking. Speaking it pretty hard, but hopefully by the end of my third year, I'll be good at it.
In a month or so, I'll be traveling again. The destination hasn't been decided yet, but it might be Vietnam or Cambodia.

This year was great! Here's hoping for an equally good third year in Korea!


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