Andong, South Korea

Andong is located in Gyeongsangbukdo and the main attraction here is the Andong Hahoe Folk Village. Many people visit Andong just to go to this village. They still have traditional Korean houses there. Most of the houses are occupied by families and others are used as coffee stores, souvenir stores and guest houses. 

This particular house has been transformed into a souvenir store. You can buy various gifts here from Andong masks to key chains and bracelets. 

People still occupy these houses, and have little crofts in their backyards. Some had giant rabbits and chickens, whilst others had a little allotment to grow their vegetables. 
I wonder what they think about the many tourists who enter their neighbourhood! 

The village is home to the descendants of the Ryu Clan of Pungsan. Famous scholars were born in this village and Queen Elizabeth once visited the village. 
The village has the Nakdong river flowing around it. You can also cross the river by boat and climb up the cliff and see the village from above. 

You can also rent mobility scooters to ride around and see the different houses. I'm not sure why, but a lot of people had them. 

The above picture is the traditional food of Andong. It's called Andong Jjimdak, which is basically like a steamed chicken stew. It's absolutely delicious! I just wish they didn't use chicken with the bones.   

On the way out of Andong, I saw the most beautiful sunset. It was gorgeous.                                                                                   


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