Awful, uncomfortable week!

A bit of a life update from me. I'm feeling totally under the weather this week. I went to Manila last weekend, and all was fine until the last day. It was about 45 degrees C, and I was so hot. I had a few hours kip before needing to go to the airport. Sadly, when I woke up, I got a load of heat rashes on my legs. Then on the airplane back to Korea, the rash moved up my back and stomach. I was in agony. As soon as I got off the plane, I went to find some antihistamines and cream to calm the rash down. It worked, it started going down and by the time I got to Gangneung, it had started to disappear. 
The next day however, it came back. I went straight to a dermatologist and he said I had acute urticaria (hives). He said it's most likely something I ate. I still don't know what caused it. 
Anyways, after a shot and some pills, it got better, but returned again and again. I'm so frustrated!!
I went to the ER because it got so bad, they had to give me two shots and refer me to the dermatologist. 
Right now, it's been two days without a hives flare up, but my back and sides still feel super itchy. I'm super worried that once my medicine runs out, they will come back again. I'm unsure how to stop it, apart from taking the meds. 
It looks absolutely disgusting when I break out in the hives. It's so embarrassing. 
Hopefully that's me on the mend though, back to the doctors today to see what he says. I'm hoping they don't come back later in the week!!! 

Going to the doctors and hospital in Korea isn't cheap, it costs me around 200 pounds so far, and that's for two emergency steroid shots as the rash was spreading like wildfire. I'm so grateful for the NHS back home, I can't even imagine what people go through to have to pay a lot of money for continuous medical treatment. I should be able to claim 50% back from my health insurance though. 

Fingers crossed!!



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