Busan is a pretty big city and is the second most populous city in Korea. There are many things to see and do. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see most of the attractions because it was super rainy. I stayed over in Busan for one night, and had a mooch around downtown Busan.

I'll be honest, it's exactly the same as everywhere else. The same shops, the same layout as most downtown areas in Korea. They did have a variety of restaurants from Indian to Thai, but most of them were closed before 9pm. 
I only stayed for one night in Busan. I arrived in the evening and had a look around, and the next day I went scooting off to the next destination. 
Due to the rain, I didn't go see the famous beach, Haeundae. 

The hotel (Click 21)  I stayed in was pretty good! It's a Korean style hotel, but the room was really spacious with a decent bathroom with toiletries. Parking was great, they had a parking area as soon as you get to the entrance. 

For dinner, I found a really nice Japanese restaurant. The food was pretty decent. I was really annoyed before arriving here. Most of the restaurants I wanted to go into said they were closed, but were still serving customers. I find it odd that a restaurant in a big city closes before 9pm on a weekend! 

The only tourist attraction I managed to see was the Gamcheon Culture village. It was an overcast, rainy day, so it wasn't good to walk around. Also, this place is like a maze! My sat nav went nuts. 

I also spotted this poster advertising a bagel with cream cheese. I'll leave it to your imagination. 

I'll go back to Busan again, and do a proper tour of the place. 


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