I turned 27!

Yep! I did. Last month. I haven't blogged about it, but think I should. My blog is about me after all and my journey being me and the stuff I do. Also, it's a Sunday, rainy and I'm bored. Like any other birthday, I feel the same but I think I need some WD40 in my joints. I have three years until I reach the BIG three O! I'm hoping to accomplish a lot of things by then, one of those things is getting married to my side kick. I hope to travel a lot before I reach 30, too! 
So, my 27th birthday was pretty fun, I spent the weekend in Seoul with David. I can't stand having big parties or doing things with other people for my birthday, unless it's with my family. It's just something I don't like doing. My birthday is for me, to relax, and stuff my face. 
So, my 27th birthday involved a lot of food and purchasing many useless things. I celebrated the day before my birthday actually, my actual birthday was rainy and consisted of a long bus ride back to Gangneung. 

We stayed at a small hotel called Artview, in the Jung Gu part of Seoul. Basically central, really close to Myeongdong. So close, that we walked and rarely used the subway. The hotel was small but fine. The aircon worked but the bathroom was ridiculous. It was the usual stand over the toilet style ones but the door...it was frosted glass but you could see everything. I mean, David and I are close and it's not too big of a deal, but it would have been nice for a bit of privacy in there. 
Our whole trip was pretty lazy. We stayed in the central area the whole time. 

My birthday meal choice was Indian, and we came across an Indian, Gurka, and Nepalese restaurant. Both of us went for the same meal (as we usually do because we have the same tastes). It was great and the food just kept coming. 

The day was spent buying things. We never get each other surprise gifts, I guess it's due to the length of time we've been together. It's easier to go together, making the most of the day shopping. 

My gift from David was this bag. I love it and chose it myself, woo! It's a camera bag, so in the back, there's space for my camera and a couple of lenses. It makes great traveling back too, as there are secret compartments that can only be accessed through the back. I also got a Maemil Goon, Mr Buckwheat key chain. He's from my favourite Korean Drama, Dokkaebi. 

I also got Pat Goon, Mr Redbean too. Also from Dokkaebi. I'm such a kid. And, I got a pikachu hoody, which is like the best hoody ever! It has ears and everything. It also has a zip up pocket thing at the front. 

The next day, it was rainy. So rainy, there were huge down pours throughout the day. I had to buy Korean flip flops because my feet got wet. Well, I didn't have to buy them, but the Korean trend has kinda grown on me. People here wear those plastic style Adidas flip flops in the rain. We went to a Thai restaurant, Wang Thai opposite the old What the Book. Yeah, What the Book has changed location, it's now down the road from the subway station. Not just a little down the road, a lot down the road, expect a 10 minute walk! 
Wang Thai was awful. It was disgusting. So, we went for the set meals as it was cheaper and it had a a selection of different things. But, I wish I chose my meals myself. The food that came were awful. The one pictured above was good, I'm not sure what it was. But, the mains were disgustingly sweet. It was some sort of sweet and sour dish and the noodles were practically in the same sauce. 

I managed to get myself a hoop ring for my helix, too. The gal said that it was surgical steel but I'm pretty sure she was lying. Usually, my ears hurt when I wear fake jewellery and my ear has been hurting, soooo. 

Anyways, my birthday was great. Exactly how I wanted to spend it. A week later, I went to Manila. A great way to start my 27th year. Next year, I'll be in the UK for a wee holiday, I can't wait! 


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