It was so rainy in Jinju and pretty uncomfortable from the humidity. It took around 2 hours to get the Jinju from Busan. The hotel was pretty easy to find and it had parking on site. 

One of the main attractions here is Jinju Fortress. This fortress was linked to the 1592 Japanese invasion and it helped to stop the Japanese from advancing towards Honam. It's such a pretty place, I was gutted that it was raining. 

The Namgang river is located near the fortress. When it's not raining, I'm sure it offers great views. My friend who lives here takes spectacular photographs of the place. 

The rainy day in Jinju was awful. There was so much rain, but I didn't want to stay cooped up in the hotel. In the evening, after the fortress, David and I tried to find the downtown part of Jinju. The taxi driver was useless! I asked him for downtown in Korean and he still didn't understand. I asked him to take us to the pizza hut, which was shown on my map but he ended up taking us to one that was 20 minutes away. 

Jinju looks so pretty at night. All of the bridges were lit up and there were some nice reflections in the water. I only had my phone camera, so wasn't able to take some nice pictures. 

We found the downtown area once we returned back to the centre. It wasn't far, about 10 minutes walk. I'm unsure why the taxi driver couldn't understand me.
It all ended well though, we found a really nice beer garden and chilled until we were ready to sleep. There was a long dive back home the next day. It's a nice place to spend the day. 


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