O7ZO Daiso Makeup Line

Have you heard of Daizo? I'm not sure if they have the brand in the UK or anywhere outside of Asia. Daiso is a discount brand, similar to Superdrug and it is originated from Japan. They also have stores in Korea. Daiso is so popular because everything is so cheap. I've never seen anything more than 10,000W (£7). They sell household items to stationary and makeup. Recently, I walked into my local Daiso, and they were selling their own branded makeup at a pretty nice price. Daiso has released their  O7ZO makeup line aimed at teenagers to young adults. Their packaging is pretty nice and simple, using the pastel and black colour schemes. Prices range from 2000W (£1.30) to 5,000W (£3.40), which is very affordable. Here's a review from their OZ7O makeup line, with a score out of 5! 

I bought quite a few things. Two of the products are not pictured in the above picture, and that's their everyday suncream (CC cream primer) and the Real Velvety Beige cushion. In the picture, there are two eye shadow palettes (Bling Bling Brown Bling and Bling Bling Pink Bling), Girl Crush Mascara, Real Deep Oil Tint Real Orange, Baby like Blusher Love Pink and Orange Sherbet, and Thanks Very Good Balm Cherry Red. Points for their names? 

Starting with the Thanks Very Good Balm, Cherry Red. 
Packaging: Pretty cute and simple. The text on the actual case is nice. The text says "Today, the youngest day of my life". 
Price: 2,000W 
Colour: Cherry Red
It's a tinted balm that shows up pretty well on the skin. On the lips, it's not too bright, just a hint of colour. 
Texture: Slimy. It stays slimy too, which isn't great! It means that hair sticks to it when the wind blows..ew. 
Scent: No scent, smells like regular lip balm. 
Score: 3/5

Next up is the Real Deep Oil Tint, Real Orange. 
Packaging: Same packaging as the other products, sturdy box with a pastel pink and black theme. 
Price: 2,000W
Colour: Real Orange
On the skin it's pretty red. So red that it makes me not want to put it on! I'm not a fan of super red lip colour, it makes me look a bit "too much!" There's no orange to the colour either. 

But, on the lips, it's pretty nice. At first when I put it on, the colour was too bright, but it dried out a bit and the colour relaxed a little. I can see my self wearing this daily. the colour held on my lips fine, but I had to reapply again after only 20 minutes. 
Texture: Slimy when put on, but after a few lip smacks, it soaked into my lips. My lips remained moisturised the whole time. There's an oil base to it I think, so my lips felt oily. You know when you eat fish and chips and after you get that oily feeling...that. 
Scent: Absolutely no scent at all. 
Score: 4/5 

The Bling Bling Shadow Pallete, Pink Bling. 
Packaging: First off, they spelled palette wrong. Packaging otherwise is fine, baby pink and in a study box. 
Price: 5,000W 

Colour: On the side, they have the colour names in Korean (발그레한 피치Balgurehan Peachi "something" Peach, 불금엔팥이 bulgumen pati sweet bean, 카카오닙스 Kakao Nibs, 핑크 다이아몬드 Pink Diamond, 대세는 로즈골드 daesenun rojugoldu popular rose gold, 고져스 바이올렛gorgeous violet). 

Colours aren't too bad, shows up pretty well on the swatch. I used the first peach colour on my eyes.

It showed up pretty well on my skin tone and I only used a tiny sweep on my brush for each eye. 
Scent: N/A
Score: 5/5 

The next palette is the Bling Bling Shadow Pallete Brown Bling. 
Packaging: Same as above, wrong spelling of the word palette and a sturdy box. Simple baby pink, white and black theme. 
Colour: 두유라이크 duyulike soy milk like, 분위기메이커 bunuigi meikeu Mood maker, 카라멜팝콘 Caramel popcorn, 달빛 한 조각 dalbich han jogak a piece of moonlight, 시선 집중 피치siseon jibbing peach eye focus peach,  딥 다크 초콜릿 deep dark chocolate. 

Apart from the deep dark chocolate, the colours don't really show up well on the skin. It didn't show up well on the eyes either. I used the Mood Maker, Caramel Popcorn and Eye Focus Peach and all three didn't really show up well on my eyes.
Scent: N/A
Score: 2/5

Now, it's the Baby Like Blusher in two colours! 
Packaging: Great, baby pink and purple themed, with a cute design. The cases are pretty cute too, the left is a Korean symbol for a heart and is popular when taking photos. 
Price: 2,000W
Colour:  Love pink and Orange Sherbet

Love pink is the left, and orange sherbet is the right. I really can't see why they called it orange sherbet. I see no orange in there! 

The swatches show a difference in the two colours, Love Pink is more vivid than Orange Sherbet, but still no orange tones as the name would suggest. 
You can't open the packages in store either, so the orange sherbet colour is a bit disappointing. 
Scent: N/A
Score: 3/5

Next up, Girl Crush mascara. 
Packaging: Sturdy, baby pink themed box. The text is pretty cool, aimed at teenagers and young adults. 
Price: 2,000W
Colour: Deep Brown. 

A dark coloured brown on my skin. It doesn't show up too well on my eye lashes. I can't for the life of me get a photograph of my eyelashes, it just won't focus!
Usefulness: Rubbish. It doesn't even hold my eyelashes well! My eyelashes are straight, so I need to use a curler. Within 5 minutes, my eyelashes were back to straight. It's not waterproof, so expect panda eyes. 
Scent: No scent
Score: 1/5

This is the Every Day Tone Up Sun Cream. Also a CC Cream Primer. It's an SPF50, Great!
Packaging: No Box, sold in a tube as in the picture. Each product has a silver foil at the opening, so you know if someone has opened it or not. In Korea, many girls like to try the products on, sharing the testers and stuff in beauty stores, so it's nice to know that they haven't used it! 
Cute baby pink and white themed with a simple design. Text says "Today, the youngest day of my life" 
Price: 3,000W
Colour: White like glue.

It's pretty white out of the tube, and it rubs in white, too. But after a bit the colour disappears and it gets absorbed. It's pretty good, and there's no sticky feeling either. 
Usefulness: It's not too great as a primer. The cream rubs in like moisturiser and gets soaked in the skin. It's a factor 50! So it's great for the hot sunny days in Korea. 
Scent: Barely any scent, but has a really small hint of sun cream smell! 
Score: 4/5

So cute! This is the Real Velvet Cushion. I chose the Real Beige colour, but there is also light beige. I have darker asian skin, so I opted for the Real Beige. 

Like most cushions, there's a mirror and pad. The cushion pops out, so you can refill it. I'm not sure if you can buy refills, or if anyone actually does! 
Packaging: Light baby pink colour and comes in a study box. I love the lips design. 
Cost: 5,000W

Definitely not the beige I am used to. Ahhh, the problem with most cushions is that they don't do many shades and the ones they have are too light for me. This is on my hand and I blended for a pretty long time. 

On my face, you can clearly see the half I put it on. 

My full face, it makes me look ghost like, I think. Cushions aren't really great for me, and this one is added to the junk pile. A lot of Korean people love the whitewashed look, so I guess if you like that look, this would be great...I would have to blend right down to my neck and shoulders for this look to work. 
Usefulness: The cushion has a lot of liquid in it, so with one sqoosh, it covers the whole cushion. I also used two sqooshes and it covered my whole face. 
Scent: No Scent
Score: 2/5

So, that's the end of the product reviews. 
Overall, the Daiso O7ZO make up line isn't too bad. It's pretty affordable at 5,000W or less. It's nice starter makeup for kids and teenagers. The packaging throughout is nice, and it feels like decent makeup. They put effort in the designs. The haul costed almost 30,000W (£26), which to me is great! I could spend the same amount on only one cushion or eyeshadow palette in Etude House. 

Have you tried out Daiso's O7ZO range? If you have, what did you think? 


*This blog post was not sponsored in any way* 


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