Uljin, South Korea

It's about time I wrote about the road trip I took back in May (click here for my previous post).
I went on a road trip along Korea's route 7 stopping at different cities along the way. It was so fun, and it felt pretty neat to drive the long distance. The first stop was at a little town called Uljin (울진) which is about two hours away from Gangneung, where I started.
As it was a small town, I didn't stay long and only used the stop as a lunch and toilet break.

Lunch consisted of Korean curry and bibim mandu. There are a few Korean restaurants but I didn't see any western style ones. There's also a few coffee shops too. 

On our way out of town, there was a pavilion called Mangyangjeong which I stopped at to have a browse. 

Mangyangjeong is located in Sanpo-ri and quite close the Mangyang beach. The pavilion above holds a bell. These bells are worth a lot of money and I think they only ring it during special times. 

Mangyangjeong overlooks the sea and estuary. Back in the day, King Sukjon (Joseon Dynasty) chose Mangyangjeong as the best from paintings of the Eight Scenic Sights in Eastern Korea. 
The original pavilion was located in a place called Hyeonjongsan and was rebuilt in 1958. 
Many people watch the sunrise from this pavilion - I'm too lazy to get up early!

The plan was to see other things in Uljin, such as Seongryugul Cave, but there was not much time. Once I visit the cave, I'll post about it. There is also a temple and valley you can visit too. 

Overall, Uljin is a nice quiet town. It's a great place to rest but not stay overnight. 


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