Wedding Dresses, Wedding Songs...

So, it's 2 years and 29 days until my wedding! Still a fair bit to go, but I keep feeling overwhelmed when I think about it, and thinking about all the stuff I need to do, while not being in the country! I only have a couple of weeks next year in the UK to book and find things...including all the makeup trials and the food tasting etc. 
Then, when the wedding comes, I plan on being in the country two weeks before, to adjust to the jet lag, and also to get the final things done like final dress fittings. 
My sister is designing my wedding invitations and is currently in the process of finishing the design. 

So, I've been looking at wedding dresses online. I'm not really sure if I should be buying online, but I've heard some good things. I'm not really wanting to spend too much, maximum of £600, but hopefully much less. It's only a dress for one day, as long as it doesn't look too tacky, I'm okay with it.  
What do people think? Order online and hire a dress tailor, or find my dress when I go home next year? The other option is to find one in Korea, but that means lugging it back, which isn't really ideal! 

David and I have chosen our wedding song. But, it's two years away, so we might end up changing it. There are two songs on the cards, "Lets get married" by the Proclaimers or "Beautiful Life" by Crush. The latter is a Korean song, and it's my favourite song. However, David's choice was Lets get married. Both are good, and we like the lyrics of them both. 

We're still in process of doing the guest list, obviously, the day event will be limited to 60 close and immediate family and super close friends. Sadly, not everyone can be invited to this, including some family members. Hopefully, there will be no ill feelings. The evening will be open to about 150 people, so I'm hoping we don't forget anyone important! I wish we could just do an open invite, but obviously for financial reasons that would be stupid. 

I'm still waiting on booking my photographer. I know who I want, but the process is a bit annoying. I've signed the contract but I'm just waiting on the information for the's two years away but this guy gets booked out for PR shoots quite fast. I'm hoping it works out in the end anyways...

Lastly, my bridesmaids are chosen! My sister will be one, and David's sister too. I was originally planning to have only two bridesmaids, but David is wanting three groomsmen, including the best man. So, I decided to have a third and asked my friend Lindsey! I think she said yes, but I'll do the official boxes and the will you be my bridesmaid things when I get back next year ^^. 
So yeah, if anyone has any tips about planning weddings from abroad, please send me them!! 


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