Yeongdeok is a small crab village located on the coast of the East Sea. It's a village where many Koreans flock to in order to buy crabs. There is a whole street full of crab restaurants with tanks full of the "little" crustaceans. Many restaurants will try and get you to go into their restaurant. The street is highly competitive, so I guess they have to try entice people to go in. 

One of the main tourist sites is the Sunrise Park. It gets super busy during the weekends and almost impossible to park your car. Many Koreans flock here to watch the sunset, hence the name. 
There is a platform where you can see a wide view of the sea. 

There are many stalls in Yeongdeok which sell all kinds of sea food. As you walking along the stalls, you'll see numerous of fish and crabs. There were a lot of octopuses (octopi?) trying to escape their tanks. At one point, a lady grabbed hold of one and it squirted ink into the water. It was pretty neat to see. 

Also in Yeongdeok is the Samsa Haesang Park (Marine Park). It's another site where people flock to, to watch the sunrise. It's also very popular for picnics.

The park also has a pavilion and houses a great bell called Gyeongbuk Daejong. It was made in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the province. At the pagoda, the bell is rung on News Years Day and people wish for North Korea and South Korea to reunite. 

From the pagoda, you can see the crab street and offers a fantastic view of the sea. 


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