2 Years to Go!

So, it's just under 2 years until my wedding day. People who have been saying "it will pass by very quick", "you'll soon have no time" weren't kidding! David proposed 7 months ago and 5 months ago I booked my wedding date, where on Earth did that time go? I've been a busy bee planning the wedding stuff. Some people say that I have plenty of time, but I honestly think it's good to chip away at things on the way, expecially because I'm not in the country. Things will take longer, as I have to contact suppliers by email. I like to have things booked and deposit paid, to make sure that I get what I want. 

So far, with two years to go, the venue, photographer, make up and hair artist, and Blushbooth have been booked and deposit paid for. I'm in the process of filling out my AP1 form to book the registrar. After that, it will be the band, but that can wait a bit longer. We're trying to find a decent priced ceilidh band. One band quoted us £900 to play for 3 hours, including a DJ. 

However, the venue offers a DJ in our price, so there's no point in paying someone for the DJ part. 
I have insurance sorted now, too. It was a nightmare trying to find insurance. As we both don't live in the country, we were unable to get an insurance policy in our name. We have to be living in the UK for more than 6 months or they won't cover us. Luckily, my mum phoned John Lewis and they explained that someone who has been living in the UK can take out a policy in their name, but buy it for our wedding. So, the insurance is in David's mum's name, but bought for us. I'm unsure how it works if we ever need to claim. I hope we never do! 

I've also been having wee chats with my bridesmaids about colour schemes and dresses. My sister is the process of getting her invitation design on the computer. She's sent me her progress and it looks amazing. I don't know how she has the patience to do it all. 
So, the colour theme that's decided is purple and silver. The venue provides the table runners with the package, so I don't have to worry about sourcing those. For centre pieces, I'll just be having silver candle labres with white fairy lights or something. I'm not a fan of flowers. I'm also thinking of making my own bouquets and button holes. I may purchase a flower set for the top table. The cake might be made too, just to save money. I'm unsure if it's possible to do, it might look ridiculous. 

So, even though I have ages left, I've run into a few problems a long the way. Mostly due to the venue and suppliers not giving a receipt. I booked my venue back in March, paid two rounds of deposits with no receipt. The problem was the change in staff. Since March, they have gone through two people, one was in the process of leaving and the other who took over wasn't even the wedding coordinator, but the sales coordinator for other events at the venue. She hasn't now left, and I've finally gotten in contact with the current wedding coordinator. Shouldn't they send all future brides/grooms emails to say they have a new coordinator? They're capable of sending us all emails about the next wedding fayre, so I'm sure they're capable of sending us all an email to tell us about a new wedding coordinator. I'm still waiting on a receipt as their accountant is on holiday. 
The other suppliers didn't send receipts out straight away either, I had to chase them and I'm still waiting for one more. 

It's not too big of a deal, but since I'm not in the country, I need all the proof I can get, just incase something goes tits up and I need  to contact my insurance. 

Anyways, the next step is booking the registrar, and band. I wish my wedding was next year, I hate waiting so long. I'm so impatient!!! But, I guess it's better as we are going back next year for my mum's wedding, and we can do all the meetings, tastings and trials then. 

So, yeah, that's all ^-^



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