9th Coffee Festival in Gangneung

It's that time of year again! Korea is super big on coffee, there are designated coffee streets located around the country. My province has a street right by the beach with hundreds of coffee shops. Some specialise in bean roasting. Others hand drip coffee and of course there are big chains like Starbucks and Cafe Bene. Each year, there is a coffee festival where many vendors go and sell their produce, from coffee to handmade items. 

There are also many food vendors which sell things like octopus balls and bibimbap. It's definitely a very nice outing. Depending on the time, they have live acts from dancers to singers.

There are a few rows of tents. Last year, there were only two rows, but they seemed to have spaced them out this year, making it easier to navigate through each stall. It's definitely much better than last year. There were more food vendors and it didn't feel too overcrowded. Even though the roads were packed with cars. 

This poor guy/gal! It was roasting outside with the sun blaring down. Poor thing had no energy and was hobbling about.

The food stalls were great this year. Lots of random foods like fries with toppings, black pork, this (above)! It was potatoes with a minced meat topping. It was like a baked potato, but without the skin. It was pretty good, but a little sweet for my taste.

They also had Fusion Cheese sticks. David's favourite food is pizza and he also loves cheese sticks. This one above was the pizza cheese stick, win win! 

One place was selling coffee beans called "Bean Laden". I'm not sure if they know that it sounds like Bin Laden, or if it actually means something. It gave us a giggle anyways. 

There were a couple of places which sold craft beer. This one place had 4 different kinds of beer. You could have three for 10,000won but for some reason, instead of giving us three different kinds, he gave us three of the same. The group before us got three different kinds, so it definitely wasn't a translation issue.

They also had giant vegetables on display. David saw these growing in a farm on his morning walks. Now, they're situated in the Coffee festival and they were huge! It reminds me of the vegetable growing contests we have back home. Biggest pumpkin wins! 

Here's a video of the festival. It was pretty fun this year, and a very nice end to our 10 day vacation. 



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