boH: Derma Shot, Micro Solution

I have terrible skin! Mostly due to the high humidity in South Korea. Back in milder weather, my skin was pretty good with hardly any blemishes. It was dry back then, so I guess I can't really win.  However, it's now always oily which causes many spots to appear. I actually hate it, and I'm constantly looking for products which can help get rid of them. 

I came across this boH: pack in Olive Young. It's my favourite place to shop for products as it stocks a whole variety of things. It's kind of like Boots but full of Korean products. I love it, but I do spend too much money in there. Along with Diaso, they drain my bank account! Luckily, I like to buy things that are on offer. 

The packaging is pretty cool and looks "medical". There were a range of blemish treatments, and this one was the cheapest, costing 8,800 won (£5.70). Check out their website here. The benefits and ingredients are all in Korean. So, I won't be able to translate those. I can tell you how to use it. 

The pack comes 3 patches on 2 strips. So, 9 patches in total. 

First, tear off a blister pack! It's pretty cute, and I guess it's more hygienic than the regular patches you can get for blemishes. Other patches come on a clear sheet backing and not individually wrapped. 

The patch itself is placed in a little hollow. There is too much packaging in my opinion. I guess they did this to make it look like you're getting more than just a patch. Also, it stops the patch from drying out and from bacteria getting into it. 

The patch has a radius of about 1cm. It advises you not to touch the centre of the patch, so only hold the sides! This is to stop any bacteria getting onto the patch before it reaches your face. 
They made it easy to apply, so you remove half of the white part, adhere the half to your face, then remove the other side. Or just peel the whole thing off like I did, and stick it on. 

The patch itself is pretty cool, and the best I used. Most patches I have used, you can see it from a mile away! This one is pretty good. You can still see it due to the bumps, but it hides pretty well. 
This patch is left on for 2 hours! The little bumps on the surface of the patch contains the solution, and I assume it's supposed to go into the pores around the blemish.  

I wouldn't advise using makeup with this one. The other patches allow you to put make up over it. 

After two hours, peel it off and apply the tube of solution. They advise that you dab, rather than rub. 
The solution is a gel like consistency and has very little smell. I guess it has a very slight medicated smell to it. 

Here are the results! So, I LOVE the results. You can definitely tell that it worked. Even the surrounding area seemed to get better.

Here's how I used mine:
I put the patch on at 2.15pm. I removed the patch at 8.20pm! So that's 6 hours with the patch on. This was due to the fact I was out and about with it on. I then rubbed on the cream. I didn't dab, as I have no patience for that. Nothing really changed right after. It looked the same as in the before picture. The big blemish had a white dot in the middle but that was it.  
However, I woke up the next day 10am and voila, the redness and the huge blob it covered reduced!

The downsides to this product is that it only works on bigger blemishes. I mean, it would probably work on the tiny ones too, but that's a waste of patches. You only get 9 in a pack, so it's best to save them for the bigger ones that appear. 

I did wash my face with my usual face wash and apply my usual creams to my face at night. 

I would definitely buy this product again and use it on the bigger troubling parts of my face. Usually around the cheek as that's where my glasses tend to touch. 

So yeah, if you can get your hands on these, buy them! It worked for me, and I'm surprised at how little time it took to reduce the size of the blemish. 



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