Han’s Deli, Gyo Dong, Tekji

The best place to go for food in Gangneung is Gyo Dong, Tekji. It's basically the "new" part of town, and has a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and drinking places in one area. Gangneung doesn't really have that many foreign food either. Most foreign food is found in this area and also various draft beer places.
Whilst in the area, I came across Hans Deli, which is a chain and sells various Korean lunches and also Korean style western lunches too. There's a lot to choose from on the menu and the price is pretty cheap.

The above is their menu, and as you can see, there are a lot of things to choose from. They sell the usual Korean foods like Donkasu (pork cutlet), tteokbokki (rice cake in a spicy sauce, various fried rices and also spaghetti, pizza and hamburg steak. Prices vary from 4,900 to about 8,000won. They also do unlimited soda for 1,500won. Not bad! 

For the price, the food isn't too bad. However, I'm so used to Korean style lunches that it didn't really wow me. It was a very quick stop, and a pretty decent place to grab something cheap.
They also have a self serve pickles bar. As with most Korean lunches, they serve pickles or some sort of radish with the meals.

The bottom left is a cream spaghetti served inside a bread bun. I've seen this done with stews, but only in Korea have I seen it been served with spaghetti. It was OK, but they really drown it in sauce, so the bread becomes awfully soggy!!

Anyways, it wasn't too bad and a typical Korean lunch venue.



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