I can do it

난 할수 있어 (Nan halsu iss-eo) is what my tattoo says. I can do it.
Lately, I've been feeling somewhat "used". Maybe used isn't the correct term I should be using. I've come to realise that I'm such a push over, or maybe "too nice" as some would say. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I'm emotional, but that doesn't mean you can walk all over me! So many people have walked into my life, some have stayed, some I have not. I've noticed a reoccurring theme about those who have not stayed. Usually, it's those who only talk to me when they want something, someone I always have to start a conversation with first or I won't hear from them, someone I do things for without asking for things back, basically "crossing over oceans for but they wouldn't jump a puddle for me" kinda deal. I'm not one for being myself around people and I'm not comfortable with with people who I don't know. However, once I start to like someone, and become more comfortable with the person, I start to think less about speaking and my actions and become the real me. There's only a handful of people who I can be "me" around. 
Anyways, I noticed that people tend to stick around only when it suits them or when they "need" something. Well, not anymore. I'm sick of doing for things for people and helping people. If you're not going to be there for me too, then sod off. As Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy once said "If you want crappy things to stop happening you, then stop accepting crap and demanding something more".

I can do it!


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