Matsu (마츠), Sokcho

During the Chuseok break, David and I ventured to Sokcho, where our friends introduced us to an Italian-style restaurant called Matsu (마츠). It's literally in the middle of nowhere, between houses. I would never have been able to find it if I went alone! The photo's aren't very good as the lighting was bad. 

The Directions

It is located in Sokcho, and their address is 14-1, Hadonmun-gil 1569-4 Domundong
It's not too far from the centre of Sokcho, but you will need to drive your own car or ride the local bus/taxi! 
If you follow the Donghaedae-ro (Route 7) South towards the Seorak Sunrise park, turn right onto Seoraksan-ro, then drive until you see the SK Energy petrol station and it will be the next right. It's a residential estate, but if you drive about 500 meters, you'll see it somewhere on your right. 

The Food

 The menu is big! There are so many things to choose from. Various pasta dishes, pizza's, donkasu, and Hamburg steaks. 

This was their bulgogi pizza. This comes in two sizes. They have another bulgogi pizza for about 30,000won which is larger. This pizza was great! There were huge chunks of beef and the pizza base was nice and thick. 

Tuna and Olive spaghetti. This was my dish. It was okay, but I wasn't a fan of the capers. There were a bit too many in there for my liking and it made it a tad sour. Presentation isn't really wasn't on point either.

The hamburg steak, served with rice and wedges. 

Creamy crab pasta! This looked awesome! They served it with the crab shell, too.  

Each meal came with a potato soup to start, a side salad and also ice-cream or coffee at the end. 

The Price 

Most dishes were about 15,000won. Beer was around 4,000 for a bottle of Cass. 
In total, our four meals plus a beer and coke came to about 66,000won. 

Overall, it was a great place to eat at. It's a standard Korean Italian restaurant but they don't serve pickles with the food HUZZAH! Although, I do love pickles. I guess that's what the side salad was for, as it was doused in a vinaigrette. 
The service was great! The waiter spoke perfect English and he was very polite. Water was topped up when we ran out, starters came first and then mains when we were done. It felt like a western restaurant back home. 
They have a nice garden out front and also a little art gallery too. 



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