Nature Republic Greek Yoghurt Orange Whitening Pack

I have used so many face packs and always looking for new ones to try. I never buy a new one unless I run out of the old one. I find that although I really like some products, I'll never buy them again as there are always new ones that are released and ones that I have not tried. I was shopping in Nature Republic (I love this store, they always have a 50% sale when I go in!). I'm a sucker for strange sheet masks so bought some and also came across their range of yoghurt packs. They had three on offer, the blueberry anti wrinkle pack, plain nutrition pack and orange whitening pack. I opted to buy the orange whitening pack for 4,950won (£3.30). Originally it was 9,900won (£6.60) but woopdewoo, 50% sale!


It's a face pack (mask) that is orange greek yoghurt based. It's supposed to maintain skin balance and nutrients in your skin and helps with skin elasticity and of course whitening (brightening). 

How to use

Wash your face, tone etc as you do before you go to sleep. Put this mask on like a face cream, then leave it on over night.
Some websites say that you only leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then wash off. Nowhere on the pack says this! It was also sold in the "sleep pack" section of Nature Republic.

The mask is pretty creamy, and looks like yoghurt. There's also a very strong orange smell to it and can be a little over powering. There are little orange specks in the mask and I'm unsure what these are. It's pretty thick, so a little goes a long way in my opinion. 

Here's my face before and after the mask. 

So I put the mask on using the little spatula that comes with it, but really it's not necessary. I used it like I would a cream and rubbed it in. I'm not really sure if you're supposed to spread a whole lot on and then sleep with it (covering your pillows) or rub it in...

I really like the results with the first use and have been using this for the past three days! As you can see in the pictures, my face is brighter!! Also, it's reduces some of the redness around my cheeks. 
I usually have little red bumps on my cheeks, but they have started to fade. Hurrah! My face also feels so smooth, too! In the before picture, you can see two distinct mosquito bites on my forehead, and also a blemish under my nose. In the after picture, they seemed to have fade, and it was only the morning after the first use! 

I really like this mask but the only downside is the smell. I like oranges, but it seems to be a fake orange smell and it really bugs me when I first put it on. The smell goes later on, as it's getting absorbed into my skin. 

So yeah, a 10/10 for this mask, I love it!



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