Nature Republic Lip Scrub

Winter is almost upon us! Korean winters get so cold that my lips crack and become super dry. I don't usually use lip scrubs or anything apart from tint on my lips. Even then, it's the minimal amount. My lips are in neither good shape or bad shape, it's kind of in-between. Some days my lips feel smooth and soft, other days they're dry and flaky. Sounds gross, but that's how it is. 
I was hunting around the beauty stores this weekend and thought hey, lets find something new for my lips and came across a small tube of lip scrub in Nature Republic. It was amongst the lip gloss, balms and tints. I thought it was a lip gloss at first, as it's in a similar tube. There was a 50% sale, so this 10g tube cost about 2,000won (£1.30)! 

The tube is pretty cute, and also small enough to fit into your bag to travel with. It would be so handy to keep with you on a long haul flight. 

The scrub is butter based, and also has microbeads throughout for that course, exfoliating feel. The beads are pretty small, and also doesn't hurt when rubbed over the lips. I don't know what kind of microbeads are in this, but they didn't really dissolve. The scrub contains vitamin A for nutrition and moisture. Also, there's alpha carotene which helps with elasticity. 

In the photo, I squeezed quite a bit on my finger, just to show the beads. It's not that clear unfortunately, but you get my drift. 
The dispenser part of the tube it pretty neat, just like a lip gloss tube! So, you can control how much you want to put on your lips. 

How to use

Coat your lips like you would with lip gloss, then using your finger to softly massage it on your lips, exfoliating all of the cracked dead skin! 


Okay, so I'm not a fan of my lips, so these close ups really gross me out. The pictures are in order, so top left is the before picture. Not really cracked or dry, but could do with some TLC. The bottom left picture is after I rubbed it with my finger. It literally pulled all the dry skin off, you can kinda see it on the bottom lip. The bottom right picture is after. Not much of a difference, but the dry part (black dot) on the right of my bottom lip has disappeared! 

Once washed off, my lips felt smoother and softer. It also felt tingly after I washed it off which is due to the exfoliation. 

I liked this scrub, and will continue to use it throughout winter! 



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