Nature Republic Steam Foil Mask Sheet

I’m a sucker for sheet masks, there are so many kinds and living in South Korea means I have access to a lot of them. They all claim to do different things like anti wrinkle to whitening. I’ve never really noticed differences after masks apart from my face feeling softer.

I came across these masks in Nature Republic for 2,500won (£1.60). It’s an average price, some masks start at 1000won(0.60p) and goes right up to 5,000won (£3). 
The packaging and the foil aspect of the mask caught my eye. I like fancy masks, the usual sheet masks get kinda boring after a while. 

The mask itself is foil coated! They look soggy coated folded sheets of tin foil! The good thing about this mask is that it keeps the essence on the mask, it’s a dual structure of cellulose and helps to prevent the evaporation of essence. It also has heat generating foil and helps to increase the temperature of your skin.
Usually with masks, there’s quite a lot of essence left in the packet. But, with this one, there was hardly any. 

1. Wash your face normally, then apply toner 
2. The mask comes in to halves. I like to put the bottom half of the mask on first then the top half after. It sits in my face a bit better. 
3. Leave on for at least 10 minutes. (I left it on for 30)
4. Remove the mask and then pat the essence into your face. 

I literally look like the Tin Man! It’s a pretty cool mask, it’s kind of heavy, so I found when I was sitting upright, it felt like it was going to fall off. I had to lie down, or I think it would have slipped right off. 
The mask drips! I found when putting each half on, it would drip as I was smoothing it out over my face and down my ears. 
As it’s foil, it molds to my face easier than other masks, but I did find it a bit big near my chin, so it didn’t stick as well there. 
This was my face before and after the silver foil mask. 

The silver mask is supposed to be brightening due to the white flowers in the ingredients and improve a dull complexion. It made my face red! But it subsided the next day.

The gold mask contains marine collagen peptides and is for brightening, anti wrinkle and also moisturising. 

I didn’t really notice a difference with both of the mask. Whilst on, it did feel a bit tingly. Apart from the shininess of my face, not much has changed brightness or wrinkle wise.

Overall, I liked these masks, they made my face soft, and also pretty cool to put on. I don't think I'll buy these again, purely due to the variety of other masks out there. I want to try them all, so unless this was 100% magic and made my skin blemish free, or flawless, I wouldn't buy it again.



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