Olive Young: 3 Step Trolls Nose Pack (3단 트롤코팩)

How can you resist this cute nose pack? Although, I'm not a fan of the new Troll design. I prefer the older Troll characters. I saw these Troll nose packs in my local Olive Young in Korea for about 10,000won (£6.50). They're now on sale at 7500won (£4.60). It's honestly the best nose pack I have ever bought. I've tried so many, and they usually do a poor job. 

The box contains 5 sets. The box is pretty cute too, with the same picture as step 03 (above). It's all in Korean, so I won't be able to translate the ingredients. A quick search will bring them up most likely. 

The first step is a basic strip soaked in a toner which opens up the pores and softens the blackheads. There's a little bit of a smell, but it's not too bad. I've tried others which smell like alcohol. 
There are little slits in the strip which allows you to mould it to the shape of your nose. 

Excuse my serious face. The strip has no adhesive, so any movement causes it to slip or move. This is kept on for 15 minutes. It might be best to lie down for this, but it's up to you. I found it a tad uncomfortable, as I felt it was moving. I kept touching it to make sure. 

After 15 minutes, wash off the toner and wet the nose thoroughly. Just like any other nose strip, you have to get the nose pretty wet for the strip to stick properly. The strip comes in three parts and they're all joined. So you just rip the forehead and chin parts off. It looks pretty cute. Leave it on until it hardens, which is usually around 10-15 minutes. 
I pulled it off right to left. I'm not sure if there's an actual technique. 

Voila!!! It pulled out so many of them! I'll be honest, I did this twice, in two days and both times it pulled out about the same amount. I never did a before and after photo, but the evidence on the strip proves it works. Usually I get about 3-4 specks (what is the actual word for it?). It was pretty satisfying to see all of the dirt get pulled out my nose. A tad disgusting too. 
The two little parts on my forehead and chin pulled out nothing. 

After pulling step 2 off, I washed my nose, to get rid of any residue. The third step is a pore tightener. It's another nose pack but this time a gel based mask. It's supposed to close the holes after the dirt has been pulled out. It's a jelly like consistency and the same as those gel masks you can get. 

There's a two step process to putting this mask on. Stick it on your nose with the white sheet facing up, then peel the white sheet off. I've seen some people use gel masks with the white sheet on...noooo don't do that! It won't mold to your face as well. 
This stays on for about 5 minutes, or longer if you wish. After, peel off and pat the serum into your nose. 

Overall, this was the best nose pack I have used. I'm totally going to restock on these, and hopefully pull out more of the buggers! 

At the moment, you can get these on Amazon or Ebay for about £15-25!!! 
Anyways, it's worth a try ^-^!



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