Olive Young: Dreamworks Masks

Olive Young seem to have a deal with Dreamworks. Since the release of the films last year, there's been a surge in character products. There are a variety of products with the Dreamworks characters on them. Shrek and Kung Fu panda seem to be the most popular. There are scrubs to creams and face washes. Check out Olive Young's website here. I chose two masks, which I used on two separate occasions. 

The first mask is this Shrek one. The R U Real Shrek - Show me the Shrek Mask. Olive Young sells these for 2000won (£1.30). There's also a Fiona face lift mask, baby Shrek and Cat masks ranging from 2000-4000won (£1.30-£2.60). 

The mask is soaking, full of serum. It was so annoying unfolding it. I always find sheet masks hard to unfold. You wash your face, toner etc and then you leave it on for 10-20 minutes. 

It looks nothing like Shrek! What's with the black parts around the nose and mouth? I do like the little ears though, but they do nothing. They don't even touch the face. The mask was an okay fit. There were little slits along the chin area, to mould around the face. The mask didn't go to the top of my forehead though. I could have pulled it up, but the mask would have covered part of my eyes. 
 The mask is supposed to help with wrinkles! But, I didn't see anything happening. Maybe if I use it every week or something. However, as with most masks, I will never buy the same mask twice as there are always new ones around. 

The second mask I used was the Kung Fu Panda hydrogel mask. It's an eye mask which helps with bags and blackness around the eyes. 
I absolutely love the packaging!! The small red panda speech bubble says "No~If so, you are not a panda anymore". 

The mask is a gel type mask, and it only fits around the eyes. It's pretty easy to put on. There's white backing on one side and a clear one on the other side. Remove the white part, stick it over your eyes and then remove the clear backing. 

Excuse my giant forehead! I'm pretty sure I'm losing my hair...Or it's the angle of the picture. 
I look more like Zorro than a panda. 

The mask has little pictures on it, so it's not completely black and slightly see through. I'm not really sure if I was supposed to use the eye flaps, or if they're just there from when they cut the mask into shape. I left the mask on for about 20 minutes and I felt it dry up pretty quickly. 
Anyways, it was rubbish and I didn't notice a difference. It's only 1800won(£1.20) in Olive Young though.  

I wouldn't rush back for both of these masks, but it was fun trying them. There are better brands out there. These were just a gimmick I think, to promote the movie. 
Happy masking!!!



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