RiRe All Kill Blackhead Remover Stick

One thing I like about living in Korea is that I have access to all the wonderful Korean beauty brands and products. Of course, it does mean that I end up blowing my wages in stores like Olive Young, The Face Shop, Etude House and the likes. 
This recent product caught my eye when I saw it on Facebook. Since moving to Korea, my Facebook ads have been bombarded with Korean beauty products. There are so many videos and products advertised, all claiming to get rid of ‘피지’, sebum, blackheads...yadayada. 

My face has been awful since moving to Korea. Although the air is cleaner (in my opinion),  the weather is humid. In all seasons, humidity sucks! My clothes, apartment and face suffers! I get numerous breakouts, my face is now mega oily and of course, my nose area is covered in ‘피지’ blackheads. I try various products and only a few have worked well.  

This latest product has been advertised a lot on both Facebook and Instagram (same company, so I guess they share ads). I’m a sucker for anything to do with blackheads, so here’s a wee review of this product "RiRe All Kill Blackhead Remover Stick" 

I bought this product from Olive Young for 12,500won (£8.35). It was on sale and used to be 14,800won, so I thought why not, might as well give it a go. The product comes with two free gifts, a blackhead deep cleanser and a black peeling pad, which I will try and review separately. 
I've been using this product for two weeks, 4 times a week. As with most exfoliating products, it's advised not to be used it every day, as it can be quite harsh on the skin. 

The product comes in a tube, similar to a lipstick tube and in a pretty sturdy box. The box itself has instructions and ingredients in English and also an action shot of someone using it. Click the picture to see a larger version. 

What it does
It claims to melt blackheads, whiteheads and other skin problems like dead skin. 

The product contains ingredients like charcoal powder (seems to be popular in a lot of products these days), rice extract, soybean extract, sesame extract, tea tree, chamomile, aloe and lavender. 

How to use
Wet your nose thoroughly then rub the stick over your nose in circular motions. Use this every 2 days.

The product itself looks like soap with black flecks. It's pretty sturdy, so you can use a little bit of force when rubbing it onto your nose. The black flecks are charcoal and due to the manufacturing process, it can be unevenly distributed throughout the stick. 
It doesn't lather too much, but you can feel the small beads exfoliating the skin. It can be a bit sore if your nose isn't wet enough. There are white beads in the product, but I'm not sure what they are. 
I also used my usual cleanser and moisturiser with this product. 


Here are the results. 

This is the first picture of my nose, before I used the product. It's quite shiny and you can see small blackheads dotted around my nose. My nose felt bumpy in some places, and usually I squeeze these, but I left them for this review. 
This is the result of the first use. My nose has become less shiny, It's taken in the same light (my bathroom). My nose felt super smooth after.

After the first week of usage (4 times a week) this was my nose. In my opinion, I think the stick made my nose worse. I can see more blackheads than before, and it really makes me want to squeeze them out.

I decided to stop using this product after 2 weeks. This is my final picture. Nothing really changed. The only difference I feel is that my nose is smoother, and there are much less bumps.

I don't think this product is outstanding. What I did notice was that the first few days were pretty harsh. It ripped open my nose and caused it to bleed. It's advised to be used on black heads and white heads, but really, it just pops the white heads due to the friction from the beads. Overall, it's pretty pish and just a gimmick. I think the stick exfoliates the skin, leaving the underlying blackheads to be exposed. It didn't do much apart from that. I didn't notice any "melting" of the blackheads or white heads. A nice gentle exfoliator would probably do a better job. 


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