669 Days...1 year 10 months!

I'm counting down the days! Some people think I'm a nutter, since it's so far away, but it's going to be the best day of my life so why not count down? In 1 year and 10 months, I'll be marrying my best friend and thunder buddy no.2!! Thunder buddy no.1 is Monroe, my fat sausage dog, he's the best protector from the thunder monsters, he barks and scares them away. I wish he could be at my wedding too. 

I've already got a few things sorted. My wedding save the dates and invitations are currently being made by my sister, and they look wonderful. They will be sent out in July 2018, when I'm back home. I'd post a picture of it here, but I'm going to wait until they're sent out. She's posted the designs on her instagram.

My registrar was booked today! £345 just for a person to come read stuff out, and sign a book! I'm glad I done this step early, there's no point in doing all the other stuff if you can't get a registrar to come do you wedding. 

My photographer has been booked, and I'll be having the amazing Richard Lee take my photos! He is so talented, and I am always in awe of the pictures he takes. Since I met him, a good 10 years ago, I've always said I'd want him to be my photographer if I ever got married!!!!!! Seriously, if you have a wedding coming up, check him out!

Blushbooth has been booked. This was the first thing I booked, because I really want one at my wedding. I love the idea of having miniature photos printed, and I'm going to try and team it up with my guestbook. 

The ceilidh band is booked also, but they don't require a deposit which makes me feel a bit iffy...they sent over a contract, and they want to be paid on the day. What do people think of this? I booked the Wullie Fraser band, and they have really good reviews online and have also done other weddings at my venue. 
The DJ comes with my package, so I'll have my first song played, then the ceilidh band will start and it will end with a DJ. 

Hair and makeup have also been booked too, for myself and my bridesmaids. 

My main worry is about my dress. Since I'm in Korea, how on earth will I get the fittings done? I want to get the cheapest dress possible (I'm really not that big into dresses, as long as it doesn't look too cheap!!). I'll be heading back to visit and meet up with my venue in July 2017. I'll be looking for a dress then and hopefully have my first fitting. It's my final fitting I'm worried about. I'll be back two weeks before the wedding! Are there any places which can do final fittings in that time? 
I guess, I could just stick with my first fitting and hope to God that I won't change shape. 

The colour theme will be purple, probably lilac or different shades. I don't really mind as different shades of purple go well together. My table decorations won't be too extravagant. I'm not looking for many flowers, just the top table, buttonholes and bouquets. Simple candelabras, confetti and fairy lights will do. The table will be packed with cutlery and favours (which will most likely be tablet and whiskey). 

I'm also hoping to book two apartments on AirBnB for the bridal party and the groom's party. I won't be getting wedding cars, and will be getting ready at the venue. It would be nice, but it's just a waste of  £££ in my opinion. 

That's it for now wedding wise. I'm also busy looking around at cakes, but it's not too important right now. Sometimes it's nice to have little touches here and there, like signs directing the wedding party and other things, but I might not bother. If I was at home, it would have been nice to do, but I don't really care for that stuff and don't really have the time or space to lug it all back. As long as the food and entertainment are good, it'll be grand. 

I'm excited! It was only two months ago when it hit the 2 year mark!! Where on earth has that time gone? 

'till next time,



  1. Wow you've got so much planned already and there's so much time left! I'm jealous you've got the freedom to choose everything you want at the wedding!
    Mines is basically being handled by the Wedding Planner and the venue decides what the decorations will be and the colour.

    I bet you can't wait for the day to come! :)

    1. You have a wedding planner?
      I wish I could afford one! I have to get most things done before, or I will stress like crazy. Also need to make sure I have things done for when I'm visiting next year....or I won't have time to do any of it! Haha!


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